Friday, 21 June 2013

Topshop Lips in Beguiled - Review and FOTD

Beguiled, my third Topshop Lips purchase, was a real risk. I've never been a wine coloured lip fan, I'm either a red-or-nothing girl, but Beguiled has been a bloggers favourite, so I thought it wouldn't do any harm to have at least one burgundy in my collection.

As I mentioned in my review of the shade Brighton Rock, the cute doodled black and off-white packaging is inviting but also very vulnerable to knicks and scratches that leave it looking battle-worn after a day rattling around in a makeup bag, so while you may feel like a million dollars pulling it out to reapply in public on the first day, the novelty will rapidly wear off. Me, I don't care what condition my products are in, as long as they're good products. Plus, this packaging has an almost magnetic kind of seal which clicks down, giving you a happy medium between pulling a muscle to open your lippy one-handed and losing the lid in your bag because it's too loosey-goosey.

The bullet scared me half to death, it's a few shades darker than the bottom label, almost reaching toward a brown undertone, but here it is on me, in an old FOTD from when I went to see The Great Gatsby (I don't dress like this everyday, but I would if I could):

Pow! The redness comes straight to the surface in a swatch, and it's nowhere near as dark as the bullet suggests. In the strong summer sun, you can even see a hint of hot pink, which I have to say I'm warming to. 

The finish is matte, which I'm not a great fan of, but you'd think a dark shade like this would be an utterly unforgiving matte, which it isn't. This deep red actually looks better on a less conditioned lip which brings out its darker tones. Despite my initial fears that I wouldn't wear this until winter came around again, I feel more than happy wearing this on a summer day, and I think it'll be a great all-year-rounder, I can't wait to see how it looks in the autumn.

So Beguiled was ultimately a risk that paid off, even though at a hefty £8. I could complain about the price of Topshop lipsticks til the cows come home, but somehow it doesn't stop me grabbing a gorgeous new shade whenever I'm near a store.

What's your opinion on Beguiled?

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  1. Gorgeous! I've been dying to try Topshop lipsticks for a while now, this shade is lovely! :) xx

  2. That shade really suits you!! I love what you're wearing as well, if ionly we could get away with dressing 20s everyday :'( xx

  3. That shade really suits you, it's beautiful! I'm going to have to stop reading your Topshop reviews, you always make me want things! :P

  4. that is such a gorgeous colour, it really suits you. I keep meaning to buy topshop lipsticks but my local topshop doesn't have a make up stand and I always forget when I go to other topshops! lovely look :)

    katy xxx

  5. Gogeous! You look awesome wearing it

  6. This shade looks gorgeous on you! Buy more wine colours, preferably not TopShop ones because I'm starting to get jealous of your TopShop lippy collection!
    Mia xo

  7. That is a really gorgeous shade!

  8. It looks amazing on you! Love the shade :)


  9. That colour looks goregous on you! xx


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