Monday, 1 July 2013

Date Night OOTD and FOTD

Quick post time, and this one should have been up days ago!
When me and the boyfriend go for coffee, we don't dress up, we just turn up in what's comfortable, regardless of whether it's coordinated or not.
Or at least, I do. He seems to suit everything he throws on. And it's all coincidentally coordinated. Between you and me, he's more feminine than me!

All the products featured on my face, bar the lips, are the same as my last FOTD.

Lips - Revlon lip butter in Wild Watermelon
Guns 'N' Roses vest - Primark
Studded cross necklace - Primark
Striped jeans - New Look

What do you wear when you go for coffee? Do you even bother with makeup?

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  1. I listened to Guns and Roses for the first time today and now I'm going to buy that vest (or something similar) because my God x

  2. You look great. I love the jeans!
    I just wear whatever when I go out for stuff like coffee. If I'm already dressed I probably won't bother to change xD. Im such a rubbish girl

  3. Love the necklace. I am big into the cross jewellery thing right now!


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