Thursday, 4 July 2013

Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon - Review and Swatch

*sigh* Yes, another Revlon lip butter review. It's true, I'll turn into a lip butter if I try any more of them. But the summer released shades were too hard to resist, so I grabbed Wild Watermelon, and I wasn't disappointed.

Most of the opaque lip butters apply beautifully without a lip liner underneath, and Wild Watermelon is testament to that. Its gorgeous near-coral pinky-red tone lights up any day, whether it's actually sunny or whether we're trying to pretend it's sunny here in the UK.

As with the entire range of lip butters, Wild Watermelon lasts a good two hours on me without noticeable fading, but reapplying is a joy when it's such a fluid, gorgeous product. This is one of the few lipsticks I can wear that the boyfriend doesn't find himself wearing at the end of the day, it barely transfers in the slightest and it's far from sticky.
I'm always amazed at how easy I find applying a lip butter, with such a blunt angled bullet, I never expected to fill in my lips accurately without countless errors, but it's effortless to apply, even in a rush. We've all had to apply our makeup on public transport, I'm sure, and a lip butter is surprisingly forgiving when the bus driver unexpectedly pumps the brakes.

Despite the downfall of this product being that it lacks in any scent, my mind prefers filling in the gaps to save my disappointment - I can smell fresh watermelon even when it's not there. Lip butters play dirty tricks on me!

It's safe to say I've been inseparable from Wild Watermelon ever since I bought it, any selfies you've seen on Instagram these past few weeks have featured this on my lips, so if that isn't testament to its gorgeous summer-ready shade, then I don't know what is!

As I've said with any lip butter review, the £7.99 price tag is a little steep for the short life span on the lips, but as you can tell, it's not put me off so far. I'm forever finding excuses to take advantage of drugstore offers so I can get my hands on a new lip butter!

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What's your staple summer lip colour for 2013?

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  1. This looks lovely! I love Lip Butters, I bought my first ever red one yesterday, Candy Apple! I've not used it on my lips yet though and I'm already concerned that it will be too orange for me! This one looks really nice though!

  2. I've been loving corals lately for the summer. These lip butters sound awesome though, might have to hunt them down. Moisturising lip products are the best!

  3. I'd definitely buy this, it's my sort of colour! :D

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! - :D

    Jess // coffee and cosmetics xo

  4. I love this stuff. I got it a few weeks ago, after I saw it on an another blog. Its fab isn’t it? Love the blog chick :) xx

  5. I love these things, I wear them to work all the time! My favourites are Red Velvet and Peach Parfait.


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