Saturday, 27 July 2013

Next Sale Haul - Footwear

My family go a little bit nuts when the Next sale is announced. Not to the extent we head for the shop at 5am, lord no, my mum just gets up at 5 to go online instead. Well in her defence, it's easier than getting ready and going miles to the nearest store.
We have a comfortable routine around the Next sale which stops us buying too many things on a whim - we flick through the catalogue in the weeks leading up to the big day, pick out the things we like from the current range, then see if we'd be happy paying half the original price for them in the sale. This year, I wasn't overly keen on the range, the styles just didn't seem to be me, especially considering I've slipped back into my band shirt phase.
However, as I've just started a new job which requires casual clothing, I was in need of some footwear besides my cowboy boots - they sound horrible clacking across a stone floor in a museum. I trawled through the entire catalogue and found two gorgeous Converse copies in the boys section, and luckily the size range covered my size 5 feet, otherwise I would've wept and considered foot binding just to squeeze into them. What's more, they were in the sale, and in my size!

Khaki Stars Strap Boot - £10
It seems the stars and stripes are popular on the high street, so I could go overboard and wear these with my flag shorts and flag top, but as I live in England, I'll refrain. Until the Fourth of July appears again perhaps! I love that these boots zip up, I became accustomed to my Converse XX-Hi zipping up instead of lacing up, so this will save me five precious minutes getting ready. The camo lining is cute, though not that anyone's ever going to see it but me!

Black Studded Boot - £10
These will be getting a lot of use, they look great under flared jeans and over skinny jeans, so I have a good choice to wear to work. The skull patterned lining is a great touch and plus the lining is quite padded, which is perfect with hi-tops so your ankles aren't shredded when you're wearing them in for the first time. We've all had those Converse ankle blisters, right?

I wasn't greatly keen on the original price of £22 each, but as they were in the online sale for £10 each, the two pairs were cheaper than buying one of them originally!

There's two morals to this story - go through the catalogue beforehand so you know what to expect, and don't just check the women's section!

Have you found some bargains in the Next sale?

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  1. These boots are gorgeous, I especially like the studded one! It is kind of the same for my family, my mom also wakes up early to online shop when there are huge sales going on!

    Isabela x


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