Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Small New Look Jewellery Haul

Since I started my new job, I realised I had a distinctive shortage of socially acceptable jewellery. You know, necklaces that don't give me concussion if I have to run up the museum stairs, rings that don't stab someone if I shake their hand. I figured the high street wasn't the best place to look for something that doesn't resemble a 'LOOK AT ME' statement necklace featuring copious chunks of enamel and the odd American eagle the size of a football pitch, but I was pleasantly surprised, so here are my affordable finds from New Look!

Metallic Stacked Cross Rings - £2.99
Their website reliably informs me that these are on sale for £1.50, and I thought the price I paid was a bargain! I'm finding myself wearing all three in one go, but for work I just pick out one - you can't restrain my personality at work!

Re-Born Three Necklaces - £3.50
I fell in love with the skull's face in this set - I've named him Mr Crowley.

Have you found any great pieces at New Look lately?

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  1. These are lovely!
    I've tagged you btw :) xx

  2. they're so cute!!

  3. these are so cute! new look always has such amamzing pieces :)

  4. Great buys - love the rings :) x


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