Sunday, 21 July 2013

Brag Vintage

What do you call a resurrected fashion? Zombie vintage?
In this freakishly hot weather that's hit the UK, it's time even for girls like me to crack out the shorts. I may not have the best legs in the world, but sometimes I just have to throw self-esteem to the wind and bare all!

These gorgeous finds from Brag Vintage are so me. Especially the MCR shirt, but then again, any MCR shirts are probably considered vintage now, sadly.
When I was contacted by Brag Vintage recently, my first thought was 'me? With my hygiene OCD? Vintage? Pah!', but I'd definitely take the risk for these beauties. For a recently established online treasure trove from Sheffield, their site is already stocked to the brim with curiosities. Brag Vintage is updated with new items daily, which just goes to show how tight a ship they run. On top of all that, their prices are reasonable and barely breaking the bank, which is ideal for a student like me - I'd definitely pay a measly £25 for vintage Levi's!

It's worth putting a good hour aside to trawl through vintage sites such as this. Don't give up on the first page, keep looking, you never know what you might find. Things I would never bat an eyelid at on the high street catch my eye in this online store. I even discovered an Avril Lavigne tour shirt circa 2008 - my inner 'sk8r girl' nearly dropped her braces in shock! This also brings to mind the definition of 'vintage', to some it may be a genuine (yet garish) patterned 60s dress, yet to others it's a discontinued band shirt - whatever your definition, Brag Vintage have got it covered.

Why not have a trawl through yourself? Transport yourself to Brag Vintage here!

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  1. I can't help but feel they're pushing the 'vintage' label a bit too far here to justify raising the prices on some rather standard items. A Taylor Swift shirt from 2009? That's second-hand-charity-shop-for-£5 material. My personal rule is that 'vintage' fashion needs to be at least ten years old. Which makes me feel a bit ancient now that the 90's and early 00's are being included in that demographic, but still.

  2. ooh, well, I guess I know where my wages are going


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