Friday, 12 July 2013

(Subconscious) Style Icon - Taylor Momsen

I'm sure we all have that person we look up to without realising it - we see an article written about them and subconsciously read it regardless of its importance. If you see a photo of them, you find yourself gawping, 'I recognise that', 'that's something I would wear', 'that's something I should wear'.

Mine is Taylor Momsen. If I scroll through MailOnline and find her name, I click through and just stare at the photographs of her, even if she's just gone for a coffee. It's something I feel like I *have* to read just to see what she's wearing that day.
Taylor has this kind of effortless style that reminds me of mine. You'd find me in all of these outfits one day or another and it really helps girls like me to gain acceptance in society when high profile women such as Taylor Momsen are photographed in exactly the same attire.

Long band shirts, ripped tights, skinny jeans, leather jackets, black boots - I can't fault it.
At the same time, Taylor is an icon for us girls lacking in the boobage department. There's not a curve on her body, but with everything she wears, she makes a good statement that the chesticles aren't always where it's at.

If only more stars dressed like this...

Who's your subconscious style icon?

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  1. She's one of mine as well. I have no idea what she was famous for before The Pretty Reckless, but yeah. I love her style.

  2. Omfg, shes gorgeous! Nom nom!


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