Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Beaulieu National Motor Museum, FOTD and OOTD (very pic heavy)

Yesterday, I went to Beaulieu National Motor Museum with my mum, nan and cousin, but my main aim was to see the Bond In Motion exhibition. I first visited when I was about 10, and my only memories were seeing Jaws' teeth and Oddjob's hat - it's funny what a child remembers of a vehicle exhibition, eh?

Sadly, the teeth and hat weren't there this time, but the displays definitely made up for the disappointment. I'm a serious car fanatic, which is probably because both of my parents have worked in the car industry, so I'm often found perving on cars in everyday life... it's a healthy obsession, I promise. One car I'll always take a picture of is an Aston Martin DB9, and they really make James Bond movies for me. As I've mentioned multiple times - I'm a massive Bond fan. Strangely enough, Pierce Brosnan is my Bond, but I'm warming to Daniel Craig slowly but surely.

Shiny DB5s bring out the magpie in me.

My favourite Bond movie is Casino Royale, so all the props from the movie sent me into a little fangirl episode.

It's always the unusual props that attract me - I love the crocodile sub from Octopussy!

Of course Beaulieu has other cars, including some on-screen cars and iconic vehicles from days gone by.

I kid you not, that car is shaped like an orange.

But of course, this wouldn't be a beauty blog post without the compulsory FOTD, NOTD and OOTDs...

Yes, I went to a Bond exhibition wearing OPI Moonraker and a Goldfinger (Barry M Gold Foil Effects and Butter London West End Wonderland)... I couldn't get any cheesier, right?

Wrong. I even wore a Goldeneye. Okay, the geekery ends there, I promise.

Everything I'm wearing is from Primark - no surprise there then!

I had a fantastic day out, I even got to drive a go-kart and busted my leg muscles in the process but it was well worth it!
So that's where the journey ends folks! I hope I haven't bored you rigid with this lifestyle post, if not, should I do these more often?

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  1. woooo gorgeous make up girl to go with some gorgeous cars! love the post :)

  2. Love car museums! And what a beauty that car is!


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