Friday, 23 August 2013

Maybelline 24Hr Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate - Review and Swatch

Again, I couldn't resist another Color Tattoo shade, as this was the one I'd been dying to get my hands on since it was released in the US.

Metallic Pomegranate is a deep reddy-brown shade that you don't see often, as I'm still trying to find a powder shadow that matches it. The closest I've found so far is shade 9 of the MUA Undressed palette, but it loses the vital red tone of the pomegranate.

As with all Color Tattoos, the wear time is just as it says on the tin - 24 hours. It never creases, never fades - not even when faced with a good scrub from a makeup remover wipe. It's a shimmer shade so its lifespan is greatly improved by the glitter in the formula, plus it's a lot easier to blend than a matte shade. I love applying these with my ring finger rather than a brush because it gives a rough, faded edge rather than a harsh line. 

I can see this being a shade that comes in useful throughout the upcoming autumn months, fitting right in with the auburn leaves and gorgeous sunsets. Also, it matches perfectly with my rusty/brass-coloured ombre at the moment, bonus! Maybelline never fail to impress me, with the Baby Lips finally reaching the UK last month and their new Color Shock mascaras, they're easily my favourite drugstore brand. I now own every single shade of the Color Tattoos in the UK - just goes to show how much I love them!

The best thing about Color Tattoos? The price. £4.99 from Boots and Superdrug for a cream/gel eyeshadow that stays put all day? To use an over-rated blogger phrase - you can't go wrong!

If anyone knows of a powder shadow to match this colour, please leave a comment below!

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  1. MAC Cranberry is a pretty much identical shade - although I don't know of a shade from the 'drugstore' xx

  2. gorgeous, I love red-browns

  3. such a great color for fall !

  4. This a really pretty shade I love the colour tattoos x


  5. This looks so amazing and I'm in love with you blog! Much love xx


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