Friday, 13 September 2013

Beauty UK Amazon Palette - Review and EOTD

In preparation for a steampunk party, I discovered this gorgeous Amazon palette and couldn't wait to get my hands on the beautiful rusty shade on the bottom row. What I didn't expect was to fall in love with every other shade too!

The first thing that surprised me about this palette was the size - blog pictures never do it justice but it's nowhere near as big as you imagine it to be. I've never seen a palette so small, which worries me that I'll run out of the pans very quickly. In fact, with only two uses of said rusty orange shade, I've made a dent, which displeases me greatly. Then again, I'm the kind of person that would repurchase a palette after every use if I had unlimited money, purely because I can't stand seeing damaged pans. However, at £3.99, it's not a bank breaker to repurchase.

Now we all know the brushes that come with palettes aren't always the best quality. Beauty UK's offering is the exact opposite. The shadow brush is perfect for precision work around the tear duct and lower lashline as well as slapping colour across the lid. I used the angled liner brush to swatch the cream eyeliners in the palette, so you can see just how precise the brush applies.

All six eyeshadows are perfectly pigmented, but they all seemed to come out a bit brighter than I expected from the pans. I imagined a deeper auburn from the middle bottom, but it shows up bright orange. The entire top row swatched completely differently to the darker shades in the palette - was anybody expecting that glorious shine from shade 2?

I've yet to test out the lifespan of the cream eyeliners as I'm more of a liquid fan, but the swatch pictured took a good few scrubs to remove, so I'd say with a primer underneath and layered on quite thickly, this could stretch out a good few hours.

I know as soon as my student loan comes through, I'll be straight back in Superdrug buying up the Beauty UK palettes. They're all so versatile and often containing shades I don't already own, which is a rarity!

What do you think of the Amazon palette?

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  1. ok that's burnt orange color is amazing !!!!

  2. BeautyUK are my second go-to for cheap shadows after MUA. I have two or three of they eyeshadow palettes - No. 6 has a brilliant plum colour that I ise religiously if I'm not going for black and No. 4 was a useful everyday one for greys and brown shades.


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