Saturday, 7 September 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss - Review and Swatches

'Scuse me, zombie coming through, late to the party again. I know you're probably sick of these reviews by now, right? You've seen one, you've seen 'em all. But it would be rude of me to not put my two penneth worth into the 'Baby Lips or no Baby Lips' debate. Picture it as an episode of Jeremy Kyle - you know damn well the guy ain't the father of the baby, but you just can't seem to channel hop away in case, on the off chance, he is a good egg.
For me, not all of these tinted balms are good eggs.

Top - Bottom - Cherry Me, Pink Punch, Peach Kiss

I fell in love with Cherry Me the moment it touched my lips. It moisturises straight away, leaving a very subtle dark pink tint on my lips, which surprised me given the bullet is bright red, but this is testament to not judging a book by its cover. It applies like a dream with no dragging or tugging on my lips, plus the tinting is so light, it's a real no-brainer, no-mirror job. I've kept this in my pocket ever since I bought it, which is enough proof that this was no whirlwind romance, I'm head over heels in love.

My first impression of Pink Punch was not quite love at first sight. I guess my product was a little coated at the top because on first application, it was really dry and flaky, and about five minutes later I found my lips covered in little flakes of pink. However, I persevered and reapplied again that night, and for some reason it applied smoothly this time. It's nowhere near as easy to apply as Cherry Me, not because it's any more or less tinted, but it's not as fluid, the formula is more stiff and matte. The pigmentation is great though, providing you keep in mind with these products that you shouldn't expect opacity in one swipe, in fact you shouldn't expect opacity at all, but you'll get a noticeable tint with a good few swooshes and separate applications. After a day of using this shade religiously, applying once every two hours, by the time I'd got to bed, my top lip became tragically dehydrated and lifeless. I can't quite explain why, perhaps I'm allergic to an ingredient or five. 

Having bought Peach Kiss with the full intention of giving it as a present, I couldn't just look at it, pleading to be set free from its packaging, so I caved. And I'm very glad I did. This is an absolutely perfect work-appropriate lip product because it's so lightly tinted but full on in the moisturising department. I'm forever finding my lips drying out when I'm speaking to visitors at work, so keeping this in my pocket is keeping me alive.

True to their name, these give you lips like a baby's bum, if that's something you've ever wanted... however, the 8 hour moisturising claim is false. For a start, the tinting noticeably fades within two hours, so you're applying it just as often as any normal lipstick unless you're happy with ombre lips.
They smell just like their namesakes, which is the biggest selling point for me - if I can't whiff cherry when something has 'cherry' in the name, I'm one peeved customer. It's just a shame they don't taste like their namesakes, but you can't have everything, can yer?

As I've mentioned, these babies are pocket friendly, they're not big and bulky like most lip products, and they don't melt in your back pocket, which is ideal when you're rushing around a museum like I do.

With a £2.99 price tag, there's no excuse why you shouldn't collect all of these. I know full well I'll be the proud owner of the non-tinted products in the Baby Lips range very soon, because these three have made such a great impression. 

Have you tried the Baby Lips?

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  1. Eeeee! I can't wait to break the 'Cherry Me' out of its packet now, it looks so nice! I was slightly paranoid that it'd make me look like a clown.

    Sad to hear Pink Punch was a failure, you can fill the balm shaped void in your heart with more Baby Lips though. >.>

  2. Yummy swatches
    Following you now! Great blog. Hope you follow back too :D
    Red Alice

  3. ooh moisturising colour? I've been trying to avoid all the hype around these because I get sucked in and buy things when I rarely wear much but lipbalm on my lips, but now I'm getting curious. Darnit.

  4. I also have these and use them all the time! However, I agree, Pink Punch seems to be differently formulated than the rest of them for some reason.


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