Sunday, 8 September 2013


Last weekend, I went to a friend's steampunk-themed murder mystery 21st. I've never been to such a well-planned, well thought-out party, and I probably never will again.

Prior to the date, we were asked by our host to create our own character biographies, so, being an ex-English student with a penchant for fiction, I set to work.
You may now call me Bethesda Crowley (my name wasn't at all influenced by Mr Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne). I am a magician, I 'kill' audience members on stage - I saw them in half, erase their memory, shoot them in front of an entire audience, yet they all leave safe and well. People come from far and wide to see my show and try and work out my secrets.
This is where the murder mystery part kicks in - we were all asked to provide reasons why we would have killed our gracious host, a man who invented the dimensional travel machine.
My motives? Our host discovered the tricks behind my acts and revealed them to the universe - my career crumbled around me and I've never been the same since. On top of that, I've killed people on stage for years, what makes you think I wouldn't be capable of adding another to the body count?

I enjoyed every minute of preparing for the party, not only writing the biography of Miss Crowley but also finding my outfit. After weeks of trawling eBay and alternative clothing sites, I found my perfect steampunk dress - the Spin Doctor Erebus dress. I love that it has a silk hood, it's such a quirky design touch. The great thing about a lot of the steampunk costumes I've found is that they're fully personalizable - if you want a long skirt, you can drop the attached buckles, and if you want a short, ruffled skirt, you just tighten the buckles and ruche the dress. There are even ribbons to hitch up the satin underskirt! For £19.99 from eBay, I was seriously impressed with the quality.

Apologies for the out-of-proportion photos, I've cut out everyone else's faces in case they didn't want their mugs appearing on a website they don't even know exists. Also, I'm well aware I can't pose for photos. World's least photogenic girl over here.

For my makeup, I used the Beauty UK Amazon palette and MUA's lipstick in shade 1, my go-to red lipstick.

Sadly, I wasn't the murderer, but I guessed who was correctly, as I'd had suspicions all night despite not getting around to speaking to everyone else at the party!

Themed parties are always the best.

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  1. Party sounds fun, really would love to attend a murder mystery party, seems like fun xD Also your spin doctor outfit looks lovely. I especially love your goggles too! Were they like that originally or did you paint them that color? :)

  2. This looks like so much fun! I haven't been to a murder mystery party in years. And your makeup is fabulous. So nice to find another 'alternative' blogger who doesn't wear neutrals all the time! (I'm maligreen on IG!)

    x x x

  3. This sounds so much fun! I've never been to a murder mystery party before.

    You look gorgeous!


  4. you look amazing! Sounds like a fab party! :)))

  5. I would love to go to a murder mystery! Although I can't say I'd make my own background as interesting as yours! :)
    I love your outfit too, you totally are photogenic! :)

  6. You are looking gorgeous in this dress and would be so different in the party. I love branded apparel, especially Authentic Pigment is one of my favorites, shirts are adorable.

  7. You look amazing, and I love the character you made up! Where did you find a Spin Doctor dress for £19.99? Their stuff is usually so expensive!

  8. Love your outfit, that dress is very unique with the hood!

  9. Been waiting so long for this post and you look ever so gorgeous, daymn girl you pulled it off! ;) I love the goggles and the way your hair contrasts with your pale skin and red lip. Faaab! x


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