Monday, 9 September 2013

NYC Applelicious Lip Balms in Apple Blueberry Pie and Applelicious Pink - Review and Swatches

For some reason, I've never thought of picking up one of the NYC Applelicious lip balms in a drugstore purely because I'm not a lip balm fanatic, a good pot of Vaseline will do me just fine.
However, after reading other bloggers discovering them in Pound World, I had to venture for myself out of pure curiosity - how far does the apple theme reach? I picked up two shades which are the US releases that aren't available in UK drugstores, which also came packaged with NYC waterproof eyeliners, although not in the most wearable shades, but I'll review them separately.

First up is the shade Apple Blueberry Pie, three words that are music to my food-crazy ears... that's a sentence I never thought I'd write. This is undenialy the most unusual shade of lip product I own - it wants to be red but it wants to be blue but it's battling to suppress its purple. I can't seem to get the same colour twice!

Applelicious Pink is exactly what you'd expect - bright pink. No surprises with this one.

As for the products on the whole, the bullet shape makes it pretty damn hard to apply without smudging it all out of your lip area. The nature of the lip balm apple core (haha, I'm hilarious) with the pigmented outer circle makes it impossible to get the balmy product to the edge of your lips, and then once the balm has been applied to the centre of your lips, the pigmented part doesn't take hold. What might seem like a genius design of a lip balm core doesn't work out practically, and I really struggle with this despite the fact I have huge lips thanks to my Egyptian heritage, so god knows how anyone with normal-sized lips copes. A lip balm shouldn't take longer than a few seconds to perfectly apply, but I could be there for a good five minutes making sure this applies evenly. With both of these shades, the application problems were only amplified by the strong pigmentation - it's clear to see a pale ring in the middle of my lips while my lips are lined with a vivid colour.

The moment I sniffed these, I fell in love with the strong apple scent - it's not a fake, plastic-y apple smell either, it really smells as if you have a Golden Delicious parked underneath your hooter. Sadly though, they don't taste like apples. I'm a sucker for lip products that taste like their namesakes, so I was quite disappointed by that.

I'm just not feeling the lip balm side of these. Sure, they're a little pigmented but their whole purpose as lip balms just isn't for me, I didn't feel any moisturising effect, if anything my lips were just left tacky.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend these. They smell nice and look pretty in the tubes, but they're far from practical.

Have you tried the Applelicious Lip Balms?

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  1. I have one and I love it, even on my tiny mouth, but it's quite a sheer colour anyway so I don't think the difference between the core and the colour is obvious on the lip :) x x x


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