Monday, 2 September 2013

Stargazer Eyeshadow in Red - Review and Swatch

If you're a long time reader of this blog, you might be aware of my constant search for a red eyeshadow on the high street. I just woke up one day with a craving for a perfect red, be it for Halloween or even everyday looks. But have I found the one?

You'll be pleased to hear this is the end of my quest for the red, because I finally found the Stargazer red eyeshadow in an alternative shop in my city called Stinky Fish. They sell Stargazer so much cheaper than I've seen it elsewhere online, so I grabbed this bargain for only £2.75. If you're interested in Stargazer and other alternative cosmetics, plus a mountain of alternative apparel that you won't necessarily find elsewhere, feel free to visit their website here. They're a small family-run business and I always visit them to repurchase plastic bracelets when my old ones break - it's not much, but I'm trying my best to do my bit to keep a small business alive - don't let the high street die off guys!
Anyway, back to the eyeshadow...

Stargazer is one of the few alternative brands that's readily available on the high street, and I couldn't be more grateful. Every one of their products I own is ridiculously highly pigmented and lasts an absolute age. I still have a UV yellow nail polish from a good 6 years ago and it's just as good as it was when I first bought it!

The greatest thing about Stargazer eyeshadows is they're so finely milled and pressed, they stay put for AGES. I had to scrub the above swatch to death before it would come off. With primer underneath, they're stuck in place all day but shift off easily when faced with makeup remover.
There's absolutely no fallout with this shadow, which surprised me considering I usually find vibrant colours spray down my cheeks and give me an unusual new shade of blusher.
The best part? This colour blends beautifully with anything. I like to use it on my lid and blended into black in my crease, as you can see here:

Impressed is an understatement. But what's your favourite red eyeshadow?

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  1. THIS WAS MY LIFE IN 2005!

    Seriously,this is the eyeshadow that I wore every single day. It was a little bit more orange than I'd have preferred,and the transfer onto my upper lid was awful but it was my only option.

    So many memories!

  2. I have a palette of Stargazer velvet shadows and the red is hands-down my favourite, but all the matte Stargazer shadows are great.

  3. Have you tried Fyrinnae's Bite Me? It's the best red I've found, but I haven't tried the Stargazer, so I don't know how the two compare.

  4. So this reminds me of highschool/college when I was rocking the Gerard Way red shadow look. You wear it better than I did ;). My favourite red is probably Hellfire from Geek Chic, but as a loose pigment there's fallout

  5. I had a matte green eyeshadow from Stargazer! Brought back some memories :)

  6. I used to love Stargazer when I was 12/13 or so! I can remember their eyeshadows being really good, I don't know why I stopped using them! I had a green one and a pink one if I remember correctly, although my eyeshadow application was frightening!


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