Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hallowed Hints - Halloween Makeup Storage

Happy Halloween guys! I hope you're all stuffing your faces with sweets so you have none left for the trick or treaters tonight. This post is assuming your loot buckets are empty today, either because of your stingy neighbours or your innate fear of knocking on strangers' doors. 
Loot buckets. The clue is in the name - chuck yer loot in 'ere kid, we're going trick or treating...

You didn't think they were just built for storing sweets, right? Good. Because when I found myself returning from a trip to Poundland with this pumpkin beauty but with no sweets to fill it with, I had a brainwave. I'm forever lugging my makeup around rooms when I decide the lighting in one room isn't good enough to get ready in of a morning, so a bucket with a handle would be the perfect transportation device.

This Poundland pumpkin houses my most used palettes and base products snugly without tipping over, plus he's perfectly portable when I have a clean-up.

Now meet my brush skull, who doesn't have a name as of yet but he shall be known as a 'he' because most of the items in my house are 'he's, unless they're useless, in which case they become 'she's. Brush skull came from Asda for a measly £3 last year and keeps my brushes safe and easily accessible when I'm flying around like a flea in a fit every morning.

It's the little things that make getting ready in the morning that little bit more personal. 

What makes your morning routine more 'you'?

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