Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hallowed Hints - KISS The Catman

Ever since the great responses for my Spaceman look a few months back, I'm back with a vengeance this Halloween. Who doesn't want to look like the Catman this Halloween?

This wasn't my best work. There, I said it. When third year at university strikes and you only have half an hour before bed to mess around with face paint with wet, unstyled hair and the worst lighting, this happens.

As I've mentioned before, KISS were the inspiration that brought me to where I am now - just a girl that loves makeup in its most extravagant, unnatural forms. The Catman is the only makeup design that's been inherited by a later member of KISS, passed down from the original drummer Peter Criss to Eric Singer in 1992.

Products used:
Snazaroo black and white face paints
Collection Poptastic palette - shade 7 from the lid up to the eyebrow
MUA lipstick in shade 1

KISS face paint, to me, is a bit like Pokemon - I've got to do them all. But I've got three other looks left and I can't decide which to do first. So here's where you come in - help me decide! Here's the basics of the leftover looks I need to try out:
Paul Stanley's Starchild
While it may look like the easiest of the bunch, my school workbooks are testament to the fact that I can't draw a star for toffee. Symmetry might be something I strive towards in every aspect of life, but there's something about a star shape that's beyond me. I recreated this on the first day at Download festival last year but sadly didn't get a photograph, not that I'd want to see my appalling attempt made in a microscopic compact mirror in a festival tent!

Fox Face
While Eric Carr wasn't the most iconic member of KISS, nor was he part of the band for the majority of their tenure, his face paint always intrigues me - the black lips remind me of Alice Cooper, of course. It's probably the most wearable look for Halloween if you're one of those Mean Girls-esque Halloween guests that resorts to animals for inspiration, this could be for you.

Ankh Warrior
Again, Vinnie Vincent isn't the first figure you think of when KISS comes to mind, but I'm half Egyptian, so I really should have done this look out of dedication to my heritage already. I'm curious to see how I'd be able to recreate the symmetry of this design, and let's face it, I'll take any excuse to wear black lipstick.

If you're interested, here are my previous attempts at KISS face painting. Beware, one of them is a very very ancient Halloween look which was snapped with a rubbish phone camera, so don't say I didn't warn you - low res photos abound!

So if you have a preference for what I should do next, leave me a comment below and I'll recreate the most requested one next week!

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