Friday, 11 October 2013

Remington Pearl Pro Styler - Review

You're probably thinking what I thought when I first saw this styler - a bloody scary contraption. Way too many exposed surfaces to burn your hand on. You wanna know how I got these scars?

I found the Remington Pearl Pro Styler for £19.99 in TKMaxx many moons ago, and I admit it took me a fair few months to pluck up the courage to even let myself anywhere near it. The two barrels are quite intimidating to a girl who'd never previously used a curling tool, but one day I found the confidence and plunged in. In fact, being wary when first using a new tool pays off, it's when you're more confident and cocky with using it that you get burnt. Not last week I scorched my back with this.

I'm so grateful it came with a heat protecting glove, which I can already see is losing its coating because this gives off so much heat, because I would never have the guts to try a double-barrelled device. I really wouldn't recommend trying it even for a second without the glove, because you never know what kind of curveballs your coordination will throw at you when you least expect it. If the Pearl Pro Styler also came with a heat protecting mat, they'd be onto a winner, because this definitely isn't the kind of tool you can leave on the carpet unprotected, but sadly it doesn't, so if you don't already have one, it's worth investing. It does also come packaged with a heat resistant drawstring pouch, but this isn't the most effective resting mat for a product that only just about fits inside it.

The styler is controlled by a digital heat setting which goes from 180 degrees to 210, and I use the highest setting because my hair's quite thick and long, but the former would be just fine for shorter or thinner hair. I leave my hair wrapped around the barrels for a maximum of 12 seconds just to ensure each and every wisp is tamed, but that's just a personal preference.

The Pro Styler also has a 60 minute safety shut-off, which would be useful if you're rushing somewhere and often forget to unplug your tools, but I'm excessively organised and I unplug this a good few minutes before I'm even done using it, so no heat is wasted.

The pearl element of the Remington range is intended to lengthen the lifespan of the ceramic plates, which seems to have worked so far because these are in just as good condition as when I first bought them, and with any luck they'll still be the same in a few years time.

After a few uses, you get the hang of the two barrels, but that's not after a long time of twisting and turning in the mirror trying to get your coordination right. Try not to do this for too long, because there's a chance you'll end up seasick.

The idea of the two barrels is to create a loose wavy curled look, but I don't use it for that purpose. In fact, I use just one barrel and create tighter curls, which takes half the time and effort than combining the two. The barrels are just the right diameter to make some medium-sized, defined curls, and they're also long enough to wrap the whole length of my miles-past-the-shoulder-length hair around.

The effect shows up best on the ombre part of my hair!

The best tip I can give is learning how to create the curls in alternate directions. Make one curled section turn away from your face, then the next turning toward your face, that way they don't all intertwine and make one mass of curl, they just fall separately and give your hair a lot more body.

It just goes to show there's more than one way to use a heat product, you just have to use your imagination, coordination and courage not to turn yourself into Harvey Two-Face.

How do you curl your hair?

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  1. Oooh I love the tip about alternating curls,I never thought of that!

  2. This is very cool! I love the way it's curled your hair :) I would love long hair to be able to curl but everytime it gets halfway down my back it goes scraggy! I just got it cut & am actually gutted because it was only after I realised I can't really use my new hair curler now, lol.

    Either way this looks great on you!!

  3. They look like some form of old school torture device but they make your hair gorgeous <3 xox


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