Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hallowed Hints - The Zombie That Got Away

This blog is about zombies, so as Halloween is almost upon us, it's about time I attempted a zombie look!
This look is testament to the uselessness of cream face paints from Poundland. Sure, they apply just fine for the first five minutes, but once you look in a mirror later, it's patchy and faded. Whether that works well with this kind of subject though, that's up to you.

Products Used:
Poundland green cream face paint
Snazaroo face paint in black

I envy all the witches and zombies with green skin. It must be hard to find a concealer that matches, but would you even need concealer when your skin is eroding anyway?

I finally learnt the importance of lining your chin and jawline - it makes the face standard out a lot more than it would if it blended in with your neck.

I warned you these wouldn't be my best work, but I had a lot of fun splashing green all over my face. If you haven't painted yourself up as a zombie before, I highly recommend it, it's a life-affirming experience.

Show me your zombie face!

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  1. Love this amazing make-up wish I could do this haha! :) x



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