Monday, 21 October 2013

Maybelline Super Stay 14Hr Lipstick in Always Plum - Review and Swatch

 I take no responsibility for this purchase. I fully blame Lydia from Cut-Throat Beauty for raving about this lipstick so often, I could almost hear it screaming 'TAKE ME HOME' from the shelf.

The first thing you might notice is that I didn't take a photo of this lipstick all pretty and unused. That's because it didn't fall into my hands all pretty and unused, it was the only one left in the Boots I was in, and it had been lightly swatched already, so I've given it multiple wipes with an antibac wipe to ensure there's no lingering germs, but this still enrages me about drugstores - why is it so hard to seal products so that ignorant customers don't just shmoosh every bloody product? This happens to me all too often, I'm rushing around and don't have the time to get to another drugstore, or there's an offer on and I can't leave without a product, I end up taking home a used product, and it's not on. But you're not here for that, you're here about the product.

Packaging is everything to me with lipsticks, and when the bottom half of the tube clearly displays the shade inside, my inner makeup geek cheers her heart out - this makes makeup storage so much easier! I can't say the white lid will stay clean for very long though, especially not in my hands.

The '14 hour' wear claim is a bit outlandish for any lip product because let's face it, we all breathe, eat, drink, talk, and anything less than a tattoo wouldn't really last 14 hours on the lips without significant wear marks. But although this doesn't stay entirely intact for 14 hours, it's a good 4 hours before I even feel the need to reapply in the centre of my lips again, which is a significant jump from my usual routine with lipsticks when I'm always paranoid a colour has faded on me. The lipstick sets after a good 30 seconds on the lips and the majority of my lips stay perfectly pigmented throughout the day, it's just the natural wear closer to the mouth that will always make us want to reapply sooner than later.
With such a deep plum shade, I expected to see this feathering down my lips within seconds, but there was no sign of this whatsoever even when I forgot to use a lip liner underneath.

The colour is one shade I never thought I'd pick up - I'm a 'dark lip or go home' kind of girl, but thanks to 'Always Plum', I'm converted. When it's applied lightly, it appears as a wearable muted plum, and when swiped on heavily, it deepens and darkens and creates just the kind of look you'd need this time of year - especially if you're dressing as a zombie for Halloween!

The finish is a gorgeous combination between shine and matte, which us in the paint and DIY world would call satinwood, but I'll call it satin for now. I'm not a matte lip fan, but there's also a stickiness that goes hand-in-hand with glossy lipsticks, so this Super Stay formula is a happy medium with the tiniest amount of stickiness, which is a sacrifice worth making for a gorgeous lippy. And the best part is it's not drying whatosever - if anything, my lips were left in an even better condition than I found them. Bonus!

One thing that will always make my mind up about a lipstick is its scent. It's not a problem if it doesn't smell of anything, but if it smells of something I don't like, I'll leave it in the store. Maybelline's idea of a smell is my idea of a smell - fruity and quite strong when you're holding the bullet up to your nose but the scent fades after about 15 minutes of wear. Sorry scent fans!

For a £6.99 price tag, I really think you're getting value for your money with these, and it seems Maybelline are onto a winner with every range they've released in the past year, as I'm sure you're aware of the Baby Lips hype.

Are you braving plum lips this autumn?

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  1. Sounds lovely, I'm on the hunt for a plummy red lipstick and I love satin finishes x

  2. long wearing, cheap and not drying? I'm totally going to have to hunt for a few myself :3

  3. ahh reading this has made me remember my love for this shade - i'd forgotten how good this is at lasting without drying my lips. must dig it out of my stash!

    katy xxx


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