Friday, 18 October 2013

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser - Review and Swatch

If you have oily skin and you're finding yourself forking out far too many pennies on a moisturiser that does its job without leaving your face a slippery ice rink halfway through the day, stop now.

After my Lush Imperialis moisturiser ran out a while back, I knew I couldn't keep spending over £10 on a non-makeup item, nevermind my personal boycott of the Lush brand which I described in this post. I didn't feel that it was doing anything spectacular for my skin, it just gave it the hydration I felt it needed, but other than that, I had no benefits from using Imperialis.
So I wandered into Superdrug hoping to find something to keep my face matte through the day, defying the odds of every other product I've tried to date. And this is where Simple walked into my life. I was sold on the words 'oil balancing' - most products I've tried either promote oil production or deny my skin of any hydration whatsoever.
Despite the swatch, the product isn't lumpy, it just pours out of the tube in a lumpy shape, it's as smooth as water when you slap it on. Or glide it on, depending on how pretentious your skincare routine is.
After ten minutes of leaving this on my face, even the oiliest patches of my skin are bone dry, but not unhealthily dry. It makes a perfect base for my makeup when I've spent years trying to battle against the ice rink of an oily surface. Consider it restoring my face to factory settings.
So my foundation applies perfectly with this, but does it stay on? Well, I'll tell you it lasts an awful lot longer than it normally does. With a controlled amount of natural oils making their way to the surface, my foundation's not pushed to its limit.
Breakouts? What breakouts? My skin condition has improved massively thanks to this, even given the stress and blood pressure I've thrown at it lately. My face gets all the nutrients it needs and more, especially zinc and vitamins which I can never commit to taking regularly in tablet form.
The best part for me is that it doesn't smell in the slightest. Not of anything. Simple point out their formula contains no perfume, and they mean it. I can't abide scented face products. I'd rather not smell like a gone-off chocolate bar or like an overbearing bouquet of the flowers you just can't stand.
I'm in love, pure and Simple.

What would your ideal moisturiser be?

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  1. Ohh been looking for a good moisturizer for ages,might give this one a go! xo

  2. I'm definitely gonna give this a look! I've always had problems deciding on a moisturiser :)

  3. That sounds great, my skin is incredibly oily and I've not yet found a moisturiser that works!

  4. Hi I've nominated you for The Liebster Award if you'd like to join in click this link


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