Friday, 29 November 2013

Lush Santa's Lip Scrub - Review

 I promised myself I'd go into Lush, buy a few Christmas presents and leave, but I ended up scooping up a little treat for myself in the form of Santa's lip scrub, purely because the girl in the store said it tastes like cherry cola, and cherry cola is my kryptonite.

I've avoided buying the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub for years in fear of falling out of love with the flavour, but I know for definite I won't ever fall out of love with this. Despite the shop assistant telling me it was cherry cola flavour, it's most definitely just plain cola, as it tastes a little chemical-y (scientific description of the year award) and zingier (scientific description of the year runner-up) than cherry.

The little heart decorations on the top of the pot baffle me a little as they make no contribution whatsoever - they're not flavoured, they actually taste like PVA glue (come on, who didn't at least taste it in primary school?), they don't scrub away, they just sit on your lips. A nice touch to make the product look pretty, but they don't run throughout the scrub, they're just on the top layer, so your first swipe will scoop up tonnes of these unnecessary clumps.

The scrub itself works like magic in seconds, the moment it hits your lips, you can already feel it buffing away any dryness. At this time of year, a lip scrub is a necessity for most of us being battered by the bitter winter winds. The red tint doesn't transfer onto the lips, which might be great news for some who don't prefer red lips, but for me, I wish it could leave just a bit of colour behind.

For the £5.50 price tag, you get a lot for your money, as the pot is filled right to the brim and I can see this lasting quite some time - providing I don't decide eating it in spoonfuls is perfectly acceptable. Yes, it's quite pricey for a lip scrub when technically you can make one at home with Vaseline and sugar, which I have done before, but it's the luxury of owning a tasty scrub made with natural ingredients that makes it worthwhile. Plus, it's Christmas, why not treat yourself?

All in all, I like the scrub itself because it does the job, but the hearts and the chemical flavour don't appeal to me.

Have you tried Santa's lip scrub?

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  2. Awwh, it's cute at least. :) I have the pink bubblegum one and my only qualm is that the one I bought was going out of date a month later ... I should have checked the sticker, I guess. I still use it though, as it looks/tastes/works the same! ^_^ I agree with you -- it's a lifesaver at this time of year.

  3. I don't think I would try this variant but can you recommend any others? My lips are vile!

    Danniella Josephine xxx


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