Saturday, 21 December 2013

Losing Your Festive Blog Reading Mojo

While so many bloggers say they've lost their blogging mojo, they very rarely finish it with 'I can't be bothered to even read other blogs anymore', probably out of fear of insulting friends who are working tirelessly on their own blogs. Some of us are suffering silently, so now it's about time someone spoke out and let everyone know that it's okay to feel this way.

My name's Ali and I've lost my blog reading mojo. It often happens this time of year - the tinsel-coated nails, the knitwear OOTDs, the gratuitous shots of coffee cups, the festive optimism - it all drives me crackers. Scrolling through my Blogger feed for even five minutes makes me feel like puking baubles. It's just my Scrooge nature, I'm sure, but I'm finding myself bored to tears now there aren't any blog posts I find interesting enough to read around the holiday season. Your festive content just scares me, but then again this is probably how people react to me on a daily basis.

I keep feeling guilty about it, that I should keep reading these saccharine-dosed festive posts no matter what, just to support my friends and fellow bloggers, but the whole point of reading blogs is to find something that interests you and inspires you. If you're not enjoying what you're reading, why read it? You wouldn't entertain reading a blog that shared zero of your interests, so why make an exception for blogs you've read for a long time?

At the same time, it's not a blogger's fault that you're just not interested in what they're writing at the moment. Recently, I seem to have moulded Zombies Wear Eyeliner into a ranty music blog instead of the beauty blog it was intended for, purely because I've grown weary of buying products just for reviews. But readers can't hold it against me that I haven't posted any Christmas nail art, because that just isn't me. As readers of other blogs, we shouldn't go over to a blogger and dictate what they write, it's their blog and if their content doesn't interest us, then that's cool too.

Once the year is out, I'll be back to reading blogs that no longer slip me into a holiday diabetic coma. But until then, Christmas can do one.

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  1. Hahahahaha oh you. I was going to do loads of posts myself but I just don't feel festive. I did do one (which was sponsored) but I did it so late in the day I'm not sure it would help anyone. I did want to do gift guides but I saw loads of snarky comments on twitter and it put me off.. :(
    Danniella x |

  2. Loved this post. This defo happens to me all the time. I go through stages like this where something else in my life becomes a bigger interest and I don't read as many or any at all!!

    My blog has changed direction lately too so I know what you mean!!


  3. Haha I definitely get like that sometimes! Love posting on my own blog, can't be bothered reading anyone else's. I'm just too self-centered, I guess :)



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