Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Waterless Wash Kit - Review*

Hi everyone, my name's Ali, and I'm a festival-aholic. But you knew that already. The one thing that drives me up the tree about festivals is hygiene, as I'm OCD and I can't go half an hour without washing my hands. I end up having a sleepless Sunday night because I can't possibly sleep in the icky state I've found myself in after spending the weekend without a shower.
So when Filthy Fox gave me the opportunity to try the Waterless Wash Kit, I couldn't have been happier - Download festival this year will be minimally traumatic with something to relieve my hygiene OCD in the middle of the muddy fields of Donington.

To start with, the wash kit comes in a little drawstring canvas bag. No plastic, no box to clog up your bag, just a small bag that you can carry by the drawstrings when you're on the way to the festival toilets of a morning. Inside, there are two Smile Saver disposable toothbrushes, plus towel off body wash and shampoo, no rinse conditioner and four expandable wipes from Nilaqua. Everything you get in this kit is travel-sized, but not the one-use sizes you see on the high street, there's enough in these bottles to last you a good festival or two.
 Disposable toothbrushes - why didn't I know these existed sooner? I'll be stocking up on these beauties for nights when I need to stay overnight somewhere and a separate toothbrush and toothpaste is just too much hassle. These sterilised brushes come with a burst of spearmint toothpaste in-built, and let me tell you - I love spearmint.
The plastic bristles are no different to your average brush and give you just the same amount of squeaky clean feeling you get from brushing at home, which is a welcome home comfort when you're sat in a tent surrounded by knee-deep mud. You don't even need a running tap if the festival you're going to doesn't supply sinks, all you need is a bottle of water to rinse and you're as good to scream along beside total strangers without emitting toxic oral fumes.
 The Nilaqua range of body products in this kit are fantastic. 
Towel Off Body Wash - I expected a thick solution like a hand sanitiser, but when I tipped the bottle, out came a thin watery substance that strangely felt more cleansing than water. It dries on your skin as soon as you've rubbed it in, and all you need is a towel to wipe over and remove the excess. I've kept this handy little bottle next to me while working on essays because it's a perfect quick hand sanitiser, minus the disgusting chemical smell and taste when you end up brushing your mouth with your hand later on.
Towel Off Shampoo and No Rinse Conditioner - I'll be honest, I never thought shampoo and conditioner could be an almost water-like consistency, so both of these surprised me. There's no sticky residue afterwards, they dry on my hair as quickly as I applied them - I'm in love. I'll find these so useful when I'm staying away from home and my hair's crying out for a shower, but there's not enough time or room to carry massive shampoo bottles. Plus they give my hair a massive volume boost, which is always a massive pro in my books.
No no, these aren't what they look like - the Nilaqua expandable wipes that come with this kit are absolutely genius. Here comes a test of your age, kids - remember those towels back in the 90s which would grow when you put water on them? Well these are just the same thing, but they're not built to stare in awe at and then throw them in the bin. My festival must-have is a pack of baby wipes because you just never know when you might need to wipe yourself down when you get back to the tent, whether you've got mud caked up your thighs or liquids of unknown origin splashed over you in the crowds.
I'll admit it - I never had an expanding towel in the 90s, so this was an entirely new experience to me. I stood over the sink, un-expanded wipe at the ready, and stared in absolute awe as it expanded bigger than my face. My mum, however, stood beside me and said 'anybody'd think you just solved world hunger, not opened a wipe'.

I tested these out as makeup removal wipes and my god, they worked better than my purpose-built wipes, my makeup didn't stand a chance against these bad boys. They hold water for a long time too, I soaked one and found it still dripping wet the next day - anyone who's tried using a face wipe five minutes after you pulled it out of the packet will love these.

Overall, this kit is absolutely ideal for festival-goers like me and you that can't happily survive the entire weekend without freshening up.
The Filthy Fox website is stuffed full of handy things for festivals that you most probably haven't remembered to put on your list, and in the run-up to festival season, it's easy to forget the essentials until you pull out your tent and remember you left the tent peg hammer on the kitchen counter. I'm already eyeing up Converse-style wellies, waterproof playing cards and toilet seat covers, everything I wish I had the last time I went to a festival!

Would you use a Waterless Wash Kit?

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  1. This is a really handy kit to have :) I wouldn't bother with the shampoo conditioner as a can of Bastiste is always fine for me, but the other things are great, especially the toothbrushes :) Hate those rank festival feels of using a toothbrush that's been used and then stashed away all day urgh! xxx

  2. This sounds like such a handy kit for festivals! Thanks for sharing :)

    Jess xo

  3. I adore you for posting this. I love festivals but last year I just felt so icky and gross in the heat, I'm going to browse the crap out of the website! :D

  4. Omg I definitely need to get my hands on this kit, I think I'm mostly enticed by the waterless shampoo as dry shampoo just never does the trick for me.
    I'm contemplating going Sonisphere this year, Download was pretty damn amazing last year though!

  5. Wow, that does look very handy for festivals! I'm one of those people willing to drag myself up early enough to skip the queues and shower every day but this would be great for freshening up!

    Hellbent for Lipstick

  6. I wish I'd seen this sooner sinceour shower just broke =P. Seriously these are amazing sounding products, I love te innovativeness and the nerd in me wants to know more about the science and chemistry at work. Now I need a festial to go to.

  7. Great blog, dear)
    Nice post.
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  8. I have never heard of this sort of stuff! It would definitely be perfect for outdoor festivals!

  9. Just what I've been looking for to take to Sonisphere. Thanks for reviewing. X


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