Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Zombies Wear Eyeliner has changed!

As you're reading this, you're already aware of the changes I've made to this corner of the interweb. Whether you've seen them before or this is the first time - welcome! How does the new layout look? I figured the last background was a bit too busy when all I really wanted was a clean-cut design that showed more of what I'm writing than the skulls floating around in the background. I think this feels a lot more professional, at least to me, and a heck of a lot easier to read.

The new logo was also a huge step for me, as I'd grown so attached to the old wavy banner, I couldn't imagine having a flat image, but now it seems more 'me'. The photo behind each word applies to the three new sections of the blog I'll explain in a moment. 'ZOMBIES' is represented by an albeit distorted Motionless In White logo, which can just be interpreted as the music side of me. Then there's 'WEAR', revealing my trademark Converse XX-Hi. And finally, 'EYELINER' is just another one of my infamous jaunty-angle selfies. 

Which leads me nicely onto these three sections - music, style and beauty. I came to realise that running two different blogs didn't suit my busy lifestyle, but music blogging still had a massive place in my heart and my future career, so I couldn't keep letting it fall by the wayside on Zombies Wear Band Shirts. I've transferred all my music posts over here, plus there's a tab at the top of the page if you want to track my dedicated music posts. The same goes for beauty and lifestyle, if you're particularly interested in either category. I've also created a tab for my History posts, because as a History student that writes for a separate student-run history blog, it made sense to connect this to my personal blog.

Long story short - I realised solely beauty blogging just wasn't for me. I was finding myself feeling guilty for not reviewing anything for a while, but I'd just lost my mojo to write about nothing but eyeliners and the like. While I'm still happy to review things, and quite frankly I have a few in the pipeline for when my university work is over with and I have time to write, I just didn't believe in continuing this blog as solely beauty when I change my blogging loyalties on a weekly, if not daily basis.

I hope you all love the new additions as much as I do, and you'll be hearing a lot more from me after next week, when my dissertation is due in. I'll admit it, this post may well be fuelled by last-minute procrastination, but can you blame me?

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  1. I love to see blogs evolve over time, looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future :)

    As always, keep wearing those band shirts! :D

  2. I know how you feel babe, I'm the exact same! Millions of reviews just don't float my boat any more! Love the revamp <3 my revamp has gave me a little more incentive to write :) love your posts, looking forward to your new stuff xox

  3. Love the new header missus! Looks dead professional :D you could charge ;)

    Danniella x

  4. Looks lovely! What did you use to make the header? I love all your kinds of posts so I'm happy :)

    Katy xx


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