Friday, 23 May 2014

Ernie Zombie.

The way I see it, the majority of us don't grow out of imaginary friends. Whether you personify your animals and speak for them, talk to yourself when nobody else will listen, or (controversially) if you believe in one religion or another, you're talking to someone who isn't there or can't communicate back. My equivalent comes in the form of Ernie. 

It's hard not to personify a skull, I own far too many and they all have names ranging from Yorick to Boris, but Ernie is the newest addition to my skull collection. I found Ernie for a measly £10 in TK Maxx last week and I couldn't bear to leave him on the shelf, regardless of the fact I had absolutely nowhere to put him. My solution? Use him as a display for hair accessories. So I've decided to chronicle his adventures on Instagram purely to stave off my post-uni boredom.

 Ernie beating the post-Eurovision blues by putting on his sparkles and looking fabulous.

 Ernie soaking up the sun in true undead style.

Ernie celebrating the arrival of summer and the end of exams in the most un-patriotic way possible.

The only problem is I'm quickly running out of accessories to plonk on Ernie's head - I've only ever owned bandanas. Better scour the house for some unloved hats from the days when I thought I'd ever wear hats...

Someone please tell me they personify inanimate objects so I don't look totally insane?

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  1. I really, really want a real human skull or, even better, full skeleton but they are SO expensive! I'd call him Skelly and dress him up in seasonal dress. It would be amazing.


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