Monday, 30 June 2014

Punky Pins - The Darker, Weirder Side of Jewellery

When the high street stores decide skulls are no longer 'in', and when the average silver spikes of the alternative shops just won't do, who you gonna call? Punky Pins... or Ghostbusters... but Punky Pins are a lot more experienced in this kind of emergency.

If, like me, you've never ventured into the online jewellery stores out there, you might not have heard of this brand before, so to fill you in - affordable quirky jewellery at last! 
Everything from Punky Pins is handmade, but that doesn't mean scrimping on quality. Each piece has its own character, not just because of the unique designs, but because someone's given up their time to make sure your jewellery looks perfect. You know you've bought into quality when you see that Punky Pins emblem on the clasp - this isn't any mass-produced vinyl jewellery with a lifespan of a few weeks at best. This is jewellery built to last.
These skulls are the goofiest, cutest little buddies you'll ever wear. I'm obsessed with Dia De Los Muertos as you're probably already aware, so these guys are perfect for me. Having just got my first tattoo and looking for a sugar skull design for my next one, I'm already considering one of these faces - their teeth and cheekbones are so quirky, they're just a fraction away from realistic skull designs and makes them look like the friendliest bunch of dead guys around. As you know, I'm in the business of naming every skull I own, but I've drawn a blank with names for these boys - any ideas?
Stop the world, I've found my favourite necklace. I'm morbid but traditional at the same time, and this ribcage heart meets me right in the middle. I'm wearing this every day at work now, it's my way of keeping the weird and wonderful in the workplace, plus it gets so many compliments from customers. 
Traditional sugar skulls fascinate me, I'm always leaning in to see what little details they have - these guys with their lightning bolt foreheads, starry eyebrows and flower eyes have stolen my heart. Cut from thick wood, this gang of dudes won't break away any time soon. The best thing about this is the extender - I have the tiniest wrists known to man and regular bracelets just drop right off me, but if you're suffering from normal bracelet envy like me, fear not, Punky Pins have considered us!

I already have a wishlist as long as my arm from Punky Pins, I'll be completely bankrupt but at least I'll have gorgeously kooky accessories! From personalised pet necklaces to traditional tattoo-themed bracelets, their whole site is full of things to help make every day feel like Halloween.

'More', I hear you cry? Oh go on then... Punky Pins have kindly given all you lovely blog readers a discount code for their website, so to grab 10% off your next order, just use the code...
Everything's cheap as chips already, so with a discount, you'll be bagging a bargain or five!

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  1. Never heard of Punky Pins before but I've just opened up their website thanks to your post! That skeleton heart necklace is awesome, definitely suits you :) I'm inlove with the sugar skulls necklace, think I might need to make a cheeky purchase or two now as I see they have a sugar skulls ring, which is adorable!

    Charlotte xo

  2. Ooooh, I love the heart rib cage necklace! It really suits you :)

    Danniella x

  3. Love love love the heart necklace! It really suits you too, fab post.
    Elle, xo

  4. Dat necklace, it's so gorgeous! I love the looks of the bracelets too but I know I rarely wear any of my bracelets. Think at some point I may have to pick up that necklace o.o

  5. These pieces are so fun and quirky! I love this kind of jewellery. The heart rib cage necklace is my favourite, but I do have a thing for sugar skulls.

  6. Totally love that juwelry! It's really amazing, and I litterally need it in my collection! :) Great pieces!

    x Dawn

  7. Super cute jewellery! Just happened across your comment on Becky Bedbug's post, had no idea but we are from the same town! :) xxx

  8. LOVE the skeletal heart necklace!

    I'm secretly hoping that skulls and studs become off 'trend' soon so that people stop pretending to be into them!

    Fab post :)



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