Monday, 7 July 2014

Saturday at Download 2014

Finally, I've got around to my Download Saturday round-up!
Following a bit of a disappointing Friday at Download, I knew Saturday would make it all worthwhile. From Fozzy to Linkin Park, the second day's lineup was looking great, but not quite as great as that dude's idea to wave a false arm in the crowd.

The combination of Chris Jericho and proper classic rock was worth getting up early to see Fozzy storm the main stage. The rain held off just long enough for Y2J to show us all a fantastic time and set the standard for Saturday ridiculously high - you only need to see his outfits to know this guy means business. If you're a fan of KISS, Saxon and Whitesnake, Fozzy are a must-hear and must-see for the full experience of the 80s rock show all over again.
While She Sleeps always deliver. You can feel the energy, enthusiasm and passion not just on stage but through every WSS flag flying in the crowd. This is Loz Taylor climbing the perimeters to plant a flag - the man's got balls.
The defining moment of Saturday for me was Blessthefall. I met Beau and the boys in our hotel on Friday night and Saturday morning, and all of them proved to be amazingly kind people just as I always knew. This photo speaks a million words to me - Blessthefall have been one of those bands I've grown up with and fallen in love with more and more with every album, and I'm so proud to say I've finally seen them, let alone met them. The band pulled out all the stops after the cracking Hollow Bodies release last year -- Download 2014 may have been their first UK festival appearance, it definitely won't be their last.
If Bring Me The Horizon aren't headlining Download in the next few years, I'll eat my band shirt. After Saturday's phenomenal show, the boys have finally cemented themselves as a headline-worthy act. We all knew a set following the blockbuster Sempiternal would steal the entire festival, and BMTH made sure to perform all the best from the album so many are calling the best thing to happen to the British metal scene for a long time.
I've waited 11 years to see Fall Out Boy live, and boy they didn't disappoint. After coming back with the almighty bang that was Save Rock And Roll, Patrick, Pete, Joe and Andy captivated Download despite controversy that they weren't suited to the lineup. We battled our way as close to the front as possible, surrounded by dedicated Linkin Park fans enduring FOB's set just to get close for Hybrid Theory, and even the most hardcore, physically intimidating fans were singing their hearts out to I Don't Care.
I'll hold my hands up in shame - I don't know Linkin Park half as much as I should. But the entire Hybrid Theory set brought so much energy and love to the crowd of fans, it was impossible to not get carried away and dance along. In The End sounds so much more fantastic live, if that's even possible.
Sikth in the Red Bull tent closed a fantastically diverse Saturday of metal, rock and good old pop-punk with the hardest metal to ever grace/destroy my eardrums. Kudos to Matt for taking me along to see these guys headline the tent, the sound quality was insane and the atmosphere was electric, I can now, finally, say I've seen a metal show.

Given how long it's taken me to upload Saturday's review (it's been 3 weeks Ali, sort yourself out), Sunday's could take a while, but brace yourselves for a considerably long review of my favourite band The Used's signing and fantastic set in the Pepsi Max tent!

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