Monday, 16 January 2017

18 satisfying things for goths

1. Waking up with bigger hair than you went to bed with.

2. When you rip your tights in just the right place you were hoping for.

3. When you catch a glimpse of your freshly dyed roots as you leave the house.

4. When you mess up your eyeliner and you're compelled to draw it on thicker... like you wanted to in the first place.

5. When Friday (I'm In Love) turns up on TV commercials.

6. A brand new pan of black eyeshadow.

7. When the goth character in a movie doesn't die/does something impressive.

8. Getting new black clothes home to find none of them are navy blue.

9. Seeing (and petting) a black cat on the street.

10. When your black nail polish goes on opaque in one coat.

11. The body modded staff in Lush that don't look at you strangely.

12. When the shop has it in black... and you didn't even have to ask the staff.

13. Passing another goth on the street and having the courage to make eye contact.

14. Hexbomb restock day.

15. Finding an alternative store in a new city and vowing to move there immediately.

16. When a new drugstore brand sells white foundation/powder.

17. 'Normal' stores selling new home decor every Halloween.

18. Brushing out that extra crispy bit of hairspray in your hair.

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