Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bad mistakes, I've made a few...

Shameless Queen referencing title right there. #iregretnothing

As a student on a budget, I'm often found sniffing around the makeup in my local Poundland, and the range changes faster than the weather, but I've managed to grab some beauties in the past, so I took the inexpensive plunge.

Collection 2000 Shimmer And Shade

With a sweep of a powder brush across the entire cube, it's as good as a bronzed shimmery, but it's good to have the separate dark butterflies for contouring and the light ones, well, for highlighting. I'm very pale (Dita Von Teese pale, and yes, she uses Mac products to get that shade, however I'm that tone naturally!) and bronzers are a massive risk for me, but this isn't a problem, not outstanding though.

Chit Chat blusher in Desert Flower
The Poundland own brand is worth the money judging by this, it's pigmented well for the money. As I said about bronzers, I'm freakishly pale so blush on me looks like I'm hideously embarrassed or I've just been socked one.

Collection 2000 Glam Glitter in VIP
Loving this, I'm often found at glam rock gigs so this will come in perfect for me.

NYC Lip Slider in Sugar Angel
Combined with the liquid lipstick, I presumed this would be a good purchase even for £1 - far from it. I've never had such a grimy, sticky, congealed mess of a lip product before. Maybe some people like this kind of thing, but for me, I couldn't wait to wipe it off. Although I will say it smells nice and vanilla-y.

NYC Liquid Lipstick in Alisa
Lipstick, in liquid form, sounds like a lip gloss, right? You'd be right with that, this isn't a horrific product but it came in a strange translucent brown tone that doesn't suit me in the slightest. Sticky and clumpy as with the lip slider. No scent whatsoever.

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