Thursday, 7 June 2012

'Water' way to go!

Excuse the dreadful pun! I've been in need of a waterproof liquid eyeliner since the dawn of time, as I have the world's most oily eyelids and my tear ducts have gone on strike for the past few months. I saw MUA had a waterproof eyeliner in their £1 range and I, as I'm sure others have, thought to myself 'there's no way this could be waterproof'.

How wrong was I?
In an un-primed hand swatch, it cracked badly. On top of a cream and powder eyeshadow, it's perfect. Lasted a good 8 hours on me, and could potentially last longer.

Light sides
- Truly waterproof, no word of a lie.
- Fantastic value for money! One measly pound sterling!
- Thin sponge applicator makes for accurate lines.

Dark sides
- Needs a few swipes to get a good coverage.
- Thin sponge applicator also makes for time consuming to get an outstanding line.
- Needs primer, but then again most products do!

All in all, I'll definitely be buying this again, £1 for a perfectly waterproof eyeliner? Don't mind if I do! Finally, a purchase I can be proud of, and I don't regret a single penny. With so many eyeliners I find I get them home and they don't last, so I find myself sobbing at the fiver I've frittered away on it while thinking of other ways to use the rubbish things - mostly writing something down when I can't find a pen (which by the way, I don't recommend, my to-do lists look like smudged suicide notes).

Available in Superdrug, big and small stores should stock these as it's not in the Professional line.

Have you tried the MUA waterproof liquid eyeliner? What is your favourite waterproof liner?

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