Friday, 22 June 2012

An eventful day!

All the years looking at myself in the mirror, wondering if anyone else cared why I had such an unusual makeup look, wondering if anyone knew of products that would make that image easier to create, more wearable, more durable. All the months spent watching YouTube beauty blogs and contemplating blogging myself. All the weeks spent putting it into action and setting up Zombies Wear Eyeliner. All the days spent trawling blogs for affordable products I could afford and give an honest review of. All the hours spent trying to get a decent photo of said products with my iPhone...

They've all been worth it. I've gained my first two followers today and I can't thank those two beauties enough, for giving me a chance!

And on top of that, I made myself a shiny new layout today! It's nothing professional by far, I just like playing around in Photoshop and I thought I'd give it a try, I'm open to criticism and advice, I'll probably find myself slowly altering it for the next week!

But oh no, you haven't seen the last of me yet! I've got plenty of reviews and posts in the pipeline already -- possibly even some music blogging, which I've been curious about for a while now and I haven't taken the plunge yet, but maybe soon!

Would you share the story of your first follower? Do you remember how you felt? 

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