Saturday, 23 June 2012

What's in my bag?

I've watched Youtube videos of the 'what's in my bag' tag for what feels like years now, I regularly check the hashtag on Instagram and I even bookmarked a Google search for new posts on the tag -- I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed with finding out what other people carry in their bags. Call me nosey but I take a lot from it, I learn to control my own bag contents, leave the kitchen sink at home and save myself a hell of a lot of shoulder pain! (Trust me, there's nothing more attractive than walking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame with a heavy bag that you don't even need!)

Because there's so many Union flags in my bag, I thought I'd be arty and arrange everything in my bag in a Union pattern -- impressed? I thought you might be ;)

Anyway, my bag is by Religion and I'm reliably informed by Amazon that it's called a Gothic Slouchy bag, I posted about it here if you want to see it in all its shiny new-ness.

Working clockwise, here's the contents:
- My trusty decades-old purse from TK Maxx. Time for a new one? Or is that just my excuse to spend more money?
- Travel-size L'oreal Elnett hairspray, because I have big hair and big hair doesn't last the whole day!
- A spare Sainsbury's bag for life type thingymabob. The amount of times I've been caught out without a spare bag for shopping or library books that won't fit in my big bag, I've well and truly learnt my lesson.
- Citrus hand sanitiser from Poundland. Admittedly I despise this stuff, it's like throwing my hands into the chemicals they let you use in secondary school chemistry lessons. And if I accidentally touch my mouth after I've used it, I have to expect a day's worth of sour faces whenever I lick my lips. Here's a tip straight from Ali - the Primark hand sanitiser is nice. Chemically but it doesn't leave that taste whatsoever. Plus it's only 50p per bottle!
- My skull and crossbones sunglasses case I've also had for years from Claires - yet another replacement due! And a pen on top of it. Inside the case are my Primark mirrored aviators, only £2, Primark really is the best place for inexpensive sunglasses you won't miss if you break, but they're great quality for the money.
- My Union flag coin purse, filled with tablets and chewing gum. Lots, and lots, of chewing gum. Wrigleys Spearmint keeps me going! Oh, and a few brown sugar sachets from Starbucks. I'm a sugar addict. And proud.
- Here's the big one - my makeup bag, yet another article of Union flag merchandise in my bag! I'll be doing an entire post on the contents of this very soon!
- Impulse Very Pink, it's about the only deodorant I can happily sniff for hours -- yes, I'm well aware sniffing myself in public would be frowned upon...
- And right in the middle is a hairbrush. God only knows why I carry this, it's physically impossible to put a brush through my Russell Brand-esque tresses during the day but maybe I'm keeping it for emergencies, for example I'm passing a particularly troubled horse with its fringe all over its face...

And that's my bag! Sorry it wasn't more interesting, I've just changed over bags and I removed an insane amount of receipts and chewing gum wrappers, so I'm quite glad I did this post after!

What's in your bag? Am I missing any essentials?


  1. oooh, i really love the little union jack bag!
    even though i'm from the U.S. of A., i think the union jack is so freakin' cool! ha ha!


  2. Haha I love how the British and Americans love each others flags, maybe we should swap! :) x


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