Sunday, 24 June 2012

Instaweek #1!

I've been wanting to do a Week In Instagrams for a long time now, but to be honest I don't take all that many photos that are worth broadcasting on my blog, so now I'm satisfied with my Instacontribution (I'm enjoying this prefix wordplay, can't you tell?), I can show you lovely people what I've been doing this week!

Me and Troy watching Ozzy Osbourne Live At Budokan on my birthday!
Birthday DVDs!
Ribcage-esque cloud? Or is it just me?
My gorgeous new bag!
My Freddie wearing a dressing gown. He looks happy!
He's not happy with close-ups, can you tell?
The Woman In Black, amazing movie!
Turquoise skull bracelet!
Freddie caught mid-yawn!
Our random hero Ryan Dunn passed away a year ago to the day, and this is my favourite photo of him, and one of my many tributes to him that day.
Cookies and cream cupcake, why not?
If only I could wear this makeup every day!
My phone's called Ozzy, problem?
Flashback Friday - Last Halloween!
These are some gorgeous tights!
Ashtray within an ashtray - ashtrayception? Well I found it funny...

I can't say I'll be doing another one of these any time soon, it's taken me an hour to layout this post, so many photos, so little patience!

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What have you done this week?

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