Thursday, 7 June 2012

Survival makeup downloading...

I just realised I didn't have a bookmark for my own blog - I'm ashamed to call myself a blogger!

Anyway, I apologise profusely for the extended hiatus but never fear, I'm back! Exams are all over and I'm ready to enjoy the summer, whenever the sun decides to turn up here in the UK! (in your own time darling, I've got new sunglasses that are craving usage!)

I've accumulated plenty of products for reviewing in this gap so I'll be keeping regular(ish) updates but I'm afraid I'm only a broke student so my resources are going to run out somewhere along the line, whereby I'll have to keep the blog fuelled with My Week In Instagram, face paint tutorials and the suchlike. Please accept my sincere apologies, if you want me here more often, feel free to send me stuff! There's nothing I love more than finding things in the post, then jumping on here and reviewing it!

Alas, enough of this self-promotion!

I'm going to Download festival tomorrow so I won't be active this weekend, however sometime today I'll post about what products I'll be taking with me, including food essentials, camping essentials and the clothes I'll be undoubtedly ruining! This is my first festival so I'm entirely inexperienced so I'll also do a post on my return about which products I used and which ones I didn't!

I struggled to find only two YouTube videos referring to essential festival makeup so I need to add to this cause. I've been panicking about it for days: 'my foundation's in a glass bottle, I need another receptacle and pronto!'; 'my Color Tattoos are in honking great big glass pots but I can't live without them, but at the same I can't bear to scoop a chunk into another pot!' (they ban anything made from glass at gigs, in case you didn't know); 'how many brushes is considered excessive?'; 'why won't they make powder in a more convenient container?'; 'to take cleanser or to not take cleanser, that is the question' - I could go on forever.

Anyway, keep your eyes glued here today if you too are off to a festival (maybe even Download, let me know!) and would appreciate some advice on how to pack light and still rock war paint in the day!

Are you going to a festival? Download? Which products would you pack, and which ones would stay at home?

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