Sunday, 8 July 2012

So this is what a budget feels like.

It's official, I can't control my spending. Although saying that, I spent less than £10 on these gems and in the beauty world, that's hardly splashing out, but in the student world, it's extortionate. Especially the unemployed student world.

I always struggle to walk past the MUA stand in my Superdrug purely because my store doesn't have the Professional range yet (one of the assistants informed me it's due at the end of this month - excited doesn't cover it) and I have a subconscious urge to buy the entire £1 range in anticipation for the Pro's arrival.

In case anyone else didn't notice this, MUA products are so difficult to photograph! Yes, the shiny silver branding attracts magpies like me, but it definitely doesn't attract my camera.

Pearl mono shadow in shade 2 - The lighter shades in their Heaven and Earth palette have been my highlighting colours until I started using black shadow again, and their neutral undertones didn't suit, so hopefully a plain white will suit better.
Matt mono shadow in shade 20 - I dug out my old Rimmel mono shadow in Jet Black this morning, but it's running drastically low and I adore it but I think it's been discontinued, I heard good things about the MUA black and I hope it's as good!
Waterproof liquid eyeliner in black (I already have one but I'm afraid I'll run out of it and I'd feel lost without this, by far the best MUA product I've bought.
Waterproof mascara - Well let's face it, if the waterproof liner is as good as I've found it to be, the mascara won't be far off, I have high hopes.
Lip gloss in shade 2 - This looked like a lovely vibrant red in the store lighting but when I looked later, it appears a lot closer to a dark pink with gold undertones. I've tried it already and it's not especially pigmented but it's nice and hydrating, if a tad sticky, but that's not a problem to me.
Clear mascara - I've neglected filling in my eyebrows on the opinion that it's just another makeup task to take up more time in my daily routine, but I'm going to give it a shot and see if I like it.


  1. looks good!


  2. I feel your pain, I'm also a poor student and I find controlling my spending very hard to do! I think you managed to photograph the MUA products very well :)
    Daniella x

    1. It's so frustrating isn't it? Especially when the Mac stand sits there pulling puppy dog eyes begging you to buy something :( x


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