Wednesday, 15 August 2012

10 Day You Challenge - 10 Secrets

I've been needing something like this for a long time, a nice old tag to make this blog a bit more personal, so you understand what kind of person I am and why I write this blog in the first place. Thanks to the lovely Elle for inspiring me with this one, and if you haven't already checked her out, go! Quick! Vamoose! And yes, I did just have to Google the word 'vamoose' because I wasn't sure how to spell it!

10 Secrets

1. I take criticism really badly. It's a stupid trait but I take things personally ridiculously easily, which explains why I'm such a grammar Nazi, I have to proof read my posts about 5 times before I'm comfortable publishing it, I'm so afraid I'll have unconsciously made a typo and everyone's reading it and laughing about it.

2. I'm naturally blonde. Not many people know it or believe it because my eyebrows are dark brown!

3. I'm only doing a History degree because my uni didn't handle the English department well and I felt I wasn't getting a good enough degree out of it, so I transferred after my first semester.

4. I hate onions, mushrooms and peas. Mushrooms have the strangest texture which I can never comprehend nor tolerate, and peas are just the most pointless vegetable in my opinion - if you have to chase your food around the plate with a fork, it's not worth eating.

5. I'm bipolar. To people I know in real life, that's not a secret, but I try my best to blog only when I'm in my good phases, and conceal it when I'm not.

6. I have a weak joint condition which causes them to crack at random intervals, even when I'm just sitting down. It makes searching for jobs near impossible, because I can't do heavy lifting.

7. I love it when my nails are painted but I despise having to apply nail polish, I hate the fact I have shaky hands that make it ridiculously messy, and I hate the drying time because I'm so impatient.

8. I feel like a drag queen trapped in a boring woman's body. Which would explain why I wear so much eyeshadow on a daily basis.

9. Try not to discuss Doctor Who with me, because you'll just start an endless debate over why David Tennant was and always will be the best Doctor. 

10. I'm covered in scars from when I had chicken pox aged 11. My parents kept me out of playgroup and nursery to make sure I didn't catch chicken pox when I was younger, but I caught it at the worst time when I was older. 

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  1. Your blogs wonderful doll, happy I found it while blog hopping:)
    Sara xx New Follower

  2. Yay doctor who and David (he was my favorite too but Matt does come close second) so glad you decided to do this as well, I can't wait for the next one ^.^ xo


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