Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Naked Envy.

I'm suffering. Quite badly. From Naked palette envy. It's not always fatal but it can lead to a serious case of the 'need it's.

My envy has taken me to a new level with my MUA Undressed palette. It's my companion and sits beside me throughout the day, and when it's not in use, it's something I can stare at and admire. But it was missing something - shade names. Whenever I think to myself 'I like this shade, what's it called?', I have to count the pans to get the shade number. Not exactly mind-boggling but even shade numbers don't make the experience very 'classy'.

So I made this. I stuck a label on the lid to tell me the names of the Naked palette shades that correspond to the Undressed ones. Sad, huh? 

Yes, yes, you may admire my gorgeous handwriting if you please. I haven't picked up a pen for the entire year because I use a netbook at university, so signing documents is a gruelling task for me, I've forgotten how to even hold a pen.

For some reason, this tiny little mess of a DIY task made me smile for the entire day, maybe I'm a little too obsessed with this palette... But I'll never admit it.

My favourite shade at the moment is Toasted. What's yours?

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  1. Really clever idea! Xx


  2. You've got the names confused with naked 1, toasted is 4th from last in the 1st with Verve in its place in the 2nd.
    But looking at the Undressed pics and my Naked palettes the colours match the 1st not 2nd, so you're half right its a naked dupe not Naked2.

    1. Guh, proves I don't have the original then doesn't it? Thanks for the correction, duly noted and edited! xx


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