Sunday, 19 August 2012

Instaweek #9

1 - My Chinese Lantern plant growing well already, I love when the lanterns turn orange in the late summer/autumn, gets me in the mood for Halloween!
2 - And the award for the cutest face goes to...
3 - Watching the Freddie Mercury hologram on the Olympics closing ceremony - highlight of the entire Olympics for me!
4 - Lunch doesn't get much better than a Rustlers chicken burger and a Pepsi!
5 - Cut my finger pretty bad (okay it doesn't look bad in this picture but it's really deep and it's under a transparent plaster!)
6 - Freddie's faces never fail to amuse me.
7 - Trying out a blue smokey eye - expect this in an EOTD tomorrow!
8 - Random but who cares? This was me two Halloweens ago, I quite like black lipstick in photos, it doesn't wear for long which is disappointing!

What a week it's been! Okay, I've always wanted to say that, but in actual fact I've done very little this week in terms of productivity. I've been scheduling posts here, there and everywhere because I have days where I can write 6 posts and the next day I'll think of nothing, so I need to spread my posts out so as not to spam you all and also to make the transition of going back to university at the end of September not so damaging to my continuity here.

I've been on a massive makeup messing spree this week, watching Youtube videos of people making gorgeous makeup looks, then trying to recreate them and failing miserably.

I've been hooked on Twitter this week, I think I've finally got the hang of it, already MUA and their head of makeup artistry Karla Powell have started following me, I'm so happy!

Oh, and have a song title story my shuffle created...

I should be a scriptwriter, no?

This week promises to be quite busy for once! Me and the man are going to the zoo on Wednesday with some of my family members (I don't often see my family other than my parents because they all live in Wales) so expect the traditional 'I took too many photos of animals I'll probably never look at again' post.

So how's your week been?

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