Tuesday, 14 August 2012

MUA Going For Gold Palette

When MUA released the colours of the Going For Gold palette on their Instagram, I was disappointed that they'd gone with the flow of the Olympics hype and cashed in on Britain's self esteem kick. So disappointed in fact, that I completely blanked the entire palette, I didn't want anything to do with it, I didn't even pay attention to the colours and how useful they would be to me. Needless to say, you're reading this post, which means I fell for it and bought it on their current offer for £3, but frankly I would've happily paid the usual £4 but it was even more of a steal at a pound less. Once I'd decided I needed this palette, I stayed up til 4am watching videos of other bloggers' created looks with the shades, I was obsessed!

I have to say though, when MUA announced they were creating an Olympics-inspired palette, I hoped they'd utilise their reputation for great quality and bring forward a palette full of vibrant colours to represent the Olympic rings, much like Sleek's offering, which disappointed me at first.

However, I wear gold, silver and bronze in my eye makeup every day, so this is one of the most perfect palettes for me. I love my eye-catching bright colours and shimmery looks which makes this palette even more appealing. 

The palette contains 10 shades representing the gold, silver and bronze medals for the London 2012 Olympic Games. I love the change from round pans to square, it feels like you're getting more product and it also looks a lot more sleek in the packaging.

MUA are gradually introducing shade names, albeit numbers, which are illustrated in colour on the underside of the palette, alongside a Mini Masterclass, which I personally haven't tried because it uses some of the paler shades in the palette and I'm outrageously in love with the stronger shades, but if I do decide to give it a whirl, I'll post it separately. This made its debut on the Undressed palette but if you're short of inspiration, this will definitely save you from 'makeup block', it's like writer's block but more disastrous!

Shades 2 and 6 aren't the greatest pigmentation-wise because they're the closest this palette has to a matte colour, that's my only grumble, but because they're silver-grey shades they'll work great blended together under shade 4 for a smokey eye.

Shades 4, 5, 9 and 10 make up a gorgeous quad! These are the most pigmented of the lot and while I've found most metallic eyeshadows smoosh under my brush/sponge, these haven't just yet, they seem to have improved the formula and solidified these to make them a lot more resistant to fallout. I've never found fallout from any MUA eyeshadows but that's probably because I use primer, plus I use the sponge applicator supplied in the palettes. While everyone dismisses these as worthless, I find it's worth taking a bit longer to apply with this, because it prevents glitter fallout just by compressing the shadow on your lids - it's simple really, it just takes a bit more time out of your routine to work with!

Shades 4, 5, 9, 10 swatched

As always with MUA, these are beautifully pigmented and last an entire day with the MUA Eye Primer and a  Maybelline Color Tattoo underneath, which is my usual routine, so I can't remark on their survival minus this preparation.

Light Sides
♠ 10 shades for £3, great value for money!
♠ Some great pigmented shimmer shades for a glamorous night out look.
♠ New square pans look sleek and make up for the usual 12 shades in an MUA palette.
♠ Numbered shades at last! The colour coding on the bottom of the palette finally makes talking about shades easier for us bloggers.
♠ Mini masterclass to save you from 'makeup block'!

Dark Sides
♠ Shame it's only 10 shades.
♠ Lacking matte shades.
♠ Shades 2 and 6 not as well pigmented as we come to expect from MUA.

Grab this on offer for £3 in store and online at the MUA website on an offer, but be quick, it won't last forever!

MUA have struck gold again, but what do you think of this palette? Are there any shades that catch your eye?

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  1. Wow this looks gorgeous, I may have to go out myself and buy this. I just love MUA products and they just seem to be getting better and better as time goes on. Oh and thank you ever so much for the nomination, must e my lucky month! :)
    Elle xo

  2. I agree with all the comments you make, I would have preferred there to be more bronze colours though, thats what is mainly lacking in my opinion



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