Sunday, 2 September 2012

August Favourites

So that was it guys, this pathetic excuse for a British summer was over that quickly. I can't really say I'm surprised, but I always complain every year, just to make myself feel that bit more disappointed. This month, as with every other month I've been blogging, I've been sat at home doing pretty much nothing just waiting for an opportunity to go and buy something fantastic to review for you beauties! This month, as with every month, my favourites are entirely makeup related, with one brush making it into the stash!

Collection 2000 Skyscraper Waterproof Mascara - £1 Poundland
My full review here
I'm using this almost every day now, I just adore it, it's great for volume and definition, just as it says on the tube!
MUA Every Lash Mascara - £3
My full review here
While I think this mascara doesn't smell of apples but more of Airfix paint, I love the effect it gives to my lashes, and it peels off in little springy tubes! Yes, I'm easily amused!

MUA Going For Gold Palette - £4
My full review here
MUA's limited edition palette to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics. I sprinted out and got hold of this the day after the Olympics finished because I was convinced this would sell out, but it didn't. Either way, I love the looks I can get out of this, it's versatile and shimmery, just what I like.
MUA Undressed Palette - £4
My full review here
This featured in my last month's favourites but I just haven't been able to put it down, as you can tell by the state of my palette! I've found my best look using shades 7 and 8, gold and bronze make a great everyday eye.

Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoo in Eternal Gold - £4.99
My full Color Tattoo range review here
This was the last colour I needed to collect the entire range, and I love it more than the others, it's so easily buildable and even looks gorgeous blended out. I'm wearing gold so much lately and this is great both as a base and on its own!
NYC Blue Rose - £1.49
My full review here
I've been wearing this lipstick so much during August, I'm not a lipstick kind of girl but this one is beautiful and not too bold for me.
MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose - £2.50
I'm not a blush fanatic, actually I think it's pretty pointless because I'm pale and I don't like seeing colour on my cheeks because I look embarrassed, but this has just the right amount of colour for me, it's perfect for pale skin tones and I actually enjoy wearing blush now!
Allura Blending and Contouring Brush - £1 Poundland
Spending £20 on makeup brushes just doesn't appeal to me when there are little gems like this out there, I'm using it for both foundation and eyeshadow blending and it works like a dream!

And as usual, onto my non-beauty favourites:



This might come as a surprise to my regular readers, I'm known for my darker music tastes but I've been loving Nickelback for the month of August, I love proper rock music that makes good use of a guitar, and Nickelback certainly do that for me. It's probably an unpopular opinion because it's well known on the likes of Tumblr that they're as disliked as Justin Bieber, but I can't see why.

The Used - Self Titled

This album saved my life a number of times when I was a lot younger, and now I'm coming to appreciate the songs all over again, it's full of powerful emotions that really leave you thinking to yourself, 'I can look at life differently now'. Buried Myself Alive, On My Own, Poetic Tragedy and of course my all-time favourite song of theirs, Blue and Yellow - this album means everything to me.

Nickelback - Trying Not To Love You
I discovered this song when I was Youtubing a Nickelback song I'd heard on Kerrang! radio and I fell in love with the title, and consequently fell in love with the song. It might sound depressing as with most of Nickelback's music but I'm one of the rare people that loves all of their songs, Chad Kroeger's voice is gorgeous to me, and I don't care if people think otherwise! It devastated me that all the days I'd been listening to this song on loop and falling slowly in love, he sprung up out of nowhere having got engaged to Avril Lavigne, my teenage idol. I'm happy for them but I do question how she treats her men, so if she hurts my Chad, there'll be trouble!

So I sit here divided, just talking to myself,
Was it something that I did? Was there somebody else?
When a voice from behind me, it was fighting back tears,
Sat right down beside me, whispered right in my ear.


Little Nicky
Not that I didn't love this movie for up til now, but I've been addicted to it this month in the aftermath of Download festival and I've been listening to the soundtrack every day I've not sat watching the movie. I love the music, I love the sense of humour, I love the actors everything about it is amazing. If you haven't seen it, where have you been?! Go, watch! Enjoy!
(and if you haven't noticed, I don't like the word 'film', it's a strange thing but I have to say 'movie' instead, I'm so non-American it's painful!)

Voodoo Friends

A Lemmings-style puzzle game based on a group of voodoo doll friends - I never thought a voodoo doll could be so cute! The aim is to go around levels picking up balls of string using different pins that the dolls stick in themselves to grant them a new power, such as digging or building a ledge.

Zombie August
I've been taking part in my own photo a day challenge this August, see my full post here.

Elle Louise
Not only is she one of the loveliest girls I've met through my time blogging, but her blog is amazing too! She has a great balance between lifestyle and beauty posts, keeps us updated on her life as she starts college, and if I were you, I'd keep an eye out for her next giveaway, I can tell it's going to be great!

What have you been loving in August?

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  1. Oh my goodness you put me on as your favorite blog wow! Thank you ever so much, I completely forgot I was going to put you on mine, but I;ll add you next time as your a constant favorite. Also I love the fact most of your favorite makeup is MUA heh :P xo

  2. Great favourites you've got here! I'm a massive fan of MUA products xx


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