Monday, 3 September 2012

Instaweek #11

1. Testing out the MUA Poptastic palette with a blue and purple eye!
2. Mini Magnums make everything feel better, regardless of what mood I'm in.
3. Strangely patriotic toothpaste!
4. My boyfriend changed my phone background. Not sure what to make of it.
5. Life isn't complete without a watermelon ukelele.
6. Crispy seaweed - oh how I've missed you!

Sorry it's been a rather erratic week of blogging, I seem to have lost my rhythm of posting and scheduling posts lately, there's been a lot going on at home. I have to schedule posts for around midday each day because I'm always writing my posts at 3am, and if I posted them once I'd finished them, nobody would read them!

I'm afraid I might be MIA from the blog for a week or two due to the fact I'm having to return my faulty netbook and find another one in time for returning to uni. This will be the second time I've had to replace a netbook, I find none of mine survive the test of time - my first one's keyboard unhinged, now the screen is faulty on this one. To be honest, I'm glad I'm getting rid of this one because its battery life is absolutely horrific. I was recommended by at least 4 sites (that's my minimum when searching for new tech) that the battery would last 8 hours. It lasts a maximum of an hour and three quarters in my hands. And it's not like I use it heavily, three web pages open maximum. My lectures are 2 hours long, and that's only one subject a day, I'll have two a day this year. So if anyone has any recommendations for netbooks or smaller laptops for university use, please please leave a comment and let me know! I'm getting so desperate now I'm even contemplating a Macbook Air or an iPad, and my bank account wouldn't be too pleased with that!

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  1. I love the eye-shadow and the watermelon ukulele!
    Maybe you could check out my blog and follow me? I've followed you x

  2. I likes the MUA Poptastic palette it looked awesome, and Mini Magnums ice cream I love it :)


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