Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Barry M Limited Edition Lip Glosses: Review and Swatches

Ever since Barry M teamed up with Impulse to create possibly the most awesome affordable alliance, I knew I had to collect them. Not only do I love Impulse body sprays, but I've loved Barry M ever since I first started putting slap on my face. The lip glosses usually cost £4.49 and the Impulse sprays usually cost £1.99, whereas the two in a pack cost £3, an absolute bargain.

From top to bottom, these glosses have no name but I'll state which Impulse spray they came with for reference:
1. A peachy nude gloss that came with Impulse Tease.
2. A pale pink with super fine gold glitter, this came with Impulse Very Pink.
3. A clear gloss heavy with fine silver glitter that came with Impulse Into Glamour.

Barry M's website describes its lip gloss range as 'shimmering, sparkling and solid colour lip glosses for the shade that suits you. The formula provides long-lasting wear without being sticky and they are all infused with an irresistible scent. A soft wand applicator ensures they glide on easily to the shape of your lips.'

They definitely shimmer and sparkle, that's for sure. I've come to accept that any lipstick/gloss with glitter will feel gritty and horrible on the lips, but for the first time I've been proved wrong. It barely feels bumpy in the slightest, the glitter is so fine it might as well be dust, but at the same time you can see it shimmering nicely on your lips.
As for solid colour, I can't be the judge of that because my lips are highly pigmented naturally, so they barely make a difference on my lips.

Long-lasting wear? I find myself reapplying within 3-4 hours providing I've resisted the temptation to lick it off because they taste so good! They're relatively sticky though, but that's what to expect from a high street brand lip gloss.

This is where this review gets a little unhelpful. I have a very rubbish nose, and I can't describe scents, my nose just says 'well thank you, that was indeed a nice smell, but no, I can't tell you what it smells like'. So while these are scented beautifully, I can't tell you whether they smell like what they claim to smell like. The clear claims to be vanilla, the pink is pink grapefruit and vanilla, and the only one I can distinguish without reading it up - the nude is a caramel scent. These are the main reasons I love these so much, they smell gorgeous and taste amazing so it's difficult to resist licking them off!

The doe foot applicator is great for getting just the right amount of product onto the lips without having to double dip, plus it's so soft your lips feel like they're being tickled by sparkly scented cherubs - weird image right?

L-R - clear, pink, nude

So they smell great, taste great and they're great value - what more could a girl want?

Have you tried any of these limited edition glosses?

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  1. Last year I bought a Barry M lipgloss in toffee and it smells sooo yummy! I haven't really worn it for a while though! They are pretty sticky. I've been wanting to buy one of these for ages but I never have, considering the offers been on for absolute ages and they're so bloody cheap I don't really have an excuse!



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