Wednesday, 5 September 2012

MUA Glitter Ball Palette: Review and Swatches

MUA's palettes need no introduction, the blogosphere has gone crazy for them, and the palette that received the most recent hype is Glitter Ball, to the point it sold out for a few days online. It's no wonder when you look at the range of 12 colours on offer, from crisp white through luscious green all the way to pitch black. Each pan contains a highly-pigmented product shot through with a generous amount of glitter, hence the name 'glitter ball', so if you're like me and you don't find yourself using matte shadows, this is most definitely for you.

If I were the travelling type, I'd definitely take this with me, it's the perfect companion for both day and night, and even for a change of mood - if you're going to the beach one day, why not wear shade 4 and get yourself in the mood for the seaside? If you're going for a country walk, shades 3 and 5 blended together would fit right in! Not that I'm pretending to be a makeup artist or anything, I just like matching my eyeshadow to what I'm going to do that day!

 First Row: Shades 1 - 6
(sorry, I'm not great with swatches just yet, I was attempting to space them out from each other so you'd see the contrast between each)

Second Row: Shades 7 - 12
With my swatches, I always aim to load my finger with product, then swipe it down and see how it fades out, as you can tell by shade 9, the shadow doesn't blend down quite so well, the formula seems a bit firmer than the rest.

This is the first MUA palette that's surprised me in terms of consistency, when I swatched shade 1 and shade 4, the texture surprised me, they felt quite gritty to the touch. Shade 1 also rubbed off a load of product onto my finger than the others, it seemed to be a lot looser than the other shades.

In the coming weeks I'll be posting some of the looks I'll be creating with this palette, I just haven't had chance to so far, I'm a busy bee!

So as usual I'm blown away by the quality of the MUA Glitter Ball palette, but are you? Will you be getting your hands on this stunner?

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  1. Hi :) I have never been a fan of too much glittery stuff but this does not look to bad the glitter doesn't seem to be too large, I Think would be able to handle It they will stay put with some good primer the colors are awesome. Great Post :)

    1. Yeah the glitter's very fine so it's not irritating on your eyes at all, plus it's not too crazy for a night out! Definitely a primer is a must! X

  2. I love this Platte, I love how the colors go on so thickly but also how they blend really nicely together. One of my favs! x

    1. Yeah I noticed that too, they blend so well and they're so pigmented at the same time! I'm using it everyday so far, thanks for the recommendation! X


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