Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Haulin' Haulin' Haulin' featuring Lush, Primark, Too Faced, NYX and T K Maxx

Once again, I lost control in the shops. I've found myself using the excuse that I have nobody but my parents and friends to buy for this Christmas, so I have more money left over to treat myself! This is, of course, a blatant lie but I don't let my bank account know that... it'll just be our little secret ;)

Snow Fairy Shower Gel - £6.25 Lush
I lost my Lush virginity at last. I've been bought some before but this was my first time stepping through the doors and the hype is well deserved, my nose was pronounced dead at the scene once I'd reached the tills. Unfortunately I was limiting my spending so I only picked up Snow Fairy, but I admit I didn't even sniff the bottle beforehand, I'd heard so much blog hype about it, I didn't need to question its divinity. Pear drops ahoy ladies and gentlemen, I'm officially a Lush convert, but it's a pity my local Lush is in a city I avoid like the plague due to the high chav count.

Aapri Blackhead Clearing Scrub - £1 Poundland
 You may remember I posted a while ago about the Aapri cleansing pillows, and either due to my created hype or the significant lack of stocks in the first place (definitely the latter), but I've yet to find them again. So out of desperation, I bought this under the assurance it'll work just as well.

If you're a makeup addict and you walk into T K Maxx, you should expect to buy loads you don't really need, but you buy it purely for the big brand name. Or at least that's what I do, having been so accustomed to high street brands, luxury brands at high street prices are irresistible.

Too Faced Galaxy Glam in Deep Space - £3.99 T K Maxx
I read so much about Too Faced's eye products and this was an absolute bargain, plus if I never find a use for it, it's worth it just to look at the pretty swirls... I'm easily amused. I can only assume this one was reduced because it has a significant amount of black compared with the examples I've found on other websites, but this is never a problem for me.

NYX 'For Your Eyes Only' Smokey Eyes Kit - £5.99 T K Maxx
Forgive the poor lighting, I bought this as a Christmas present for myself from my parents (weird, I know) and I had to snap photos of it before it was stowed away! I'm loving the consistency of NYX eyeshadows so this was a bargain, especially as there's quite a lot of product.

Remington Pearl Pro Styler - £12.99 T K Maxx 
My hair styling collection is expanding at a rate of knots. Less than a month ago I bought a crimper that I've used everyday since. I've been longing for a curler and this was my perfect equilibrium, if I want tight curls, I can use one barrel, and if I want big and fancy, I'll use it as it was originally intended with both! It's safe to say I have every kind of styler now, probably because I hate my hair flat, it's great to have a choice in the morning.

Guns N Roses vest - £8 Primark
Another day, another Guns N Roses vest. I'm so glad I found this, it's just my kind of design, plus it's GnR! Primark's vests are perfect for this colder weather so I can wear one over a basic vest to jazz up an everyday outfit.

Freddie Mercury vest - £3 Primark
Thanks go to my mum for being the reduced shelf trawler in the family, otherwise I'd never have seen this. I've been madly in love with Queen, specifically Freddie Mercury, all my life. I've been dying to get my hands on some Queen merchandise for the same amount of time so you can imagine my surprise when I saw this at £3, so much that I bought two, you know, just in case I somehow lose one. I've never lost an item of clothing but I have to prepare for the worst, you know...

Cross Double Finger Ring - £2 Primark
Studded Bracelets - £4 Primark
Long Finger Ring - £1 Primark
Studded Ring - £2 Primark
The jewellery stand is the point where I lost control, I found myself picking up things, deciding I didn't need them, but still taking them to the tills regardless. Never mind though, one can never have too many rings, right?

If I could stop spending, I would, believe me, I'm running out of places to hide the bodies store it all!

Have you treated yourself lately?

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  1. You got some great bits! I placed an ASOS order today (they're doing 25% off) which was very naughty of me. xo

  2. You made a good choice for your first Lush product! :) x

  3. I just bought my mum the huge bottle of snow fairy for her for Christmas, I'm thinking about buying my own as it's limited edition and my favorite, I know you'll enjoy it! Looks like you picked up some nice stuff! I love Christmas time, just another excuse to spend money :3 xx

  4. I love Snow Fairy! I keep meaning to go in and get the Twilight shower gel too, but I know I'll be tempted by all the Christmas goodies! I love that Guns n Roses vest! Shame my local Primark frightens me...


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