Monday, 19 November 2012

MUA Poptastic Palette

If you know me from this blog by now, you'll know I wear black and nothing else. I find it's easier than coordinating colours in an outfit, and colours never suit me. This palette was a complete impulse buy because the colours are super bright and super useful for outstanding face painting/extravagant makeup days. I intended to leave this palette lying around for when I wanted to make a drastic EOTD and practice blending, but the moment I put brush to pan, I was hooked.

But what attracts this black-loving girl to the brightest palette on the market?

In answer to that question, I direct you towards shade 4. The most beautiful purple I've laid eyes on. It's a gorgeous duochrome purple-blue that really stands out on the lids, and I use this, combined with shade 6, often as an everyday look, which you can find here. Shade 11 also blends perfectly over the top to smooth out the contrast between the colours.

First row shades 1 - 6
I'm disappointed the yellows weren't quite as pigmented as I'd hoped, but this was an unprimed swatch so perhaps with primer and a bit more product it will come up in the same colour as the pan!
The camera seriously doesn't do shade 4 justice, it's such a deep, versatile shade and catches the light beautifully. 
Shade 6, however, really shows its depth in this photo, it reflects greatly and it's perfect for an inner corner highlight.

Shade 8 is one heck of a bright pink, and I forsee using this to death for Halloween-esque looks, undead eye sockets will be effortless.
Of course, as I have green eyes, I can't comment on the green shades here, because I either look like a leprechaun or the Hulk - neither is a look I'm greatly keen on sharing with the blogosphere.
Shade 11 is a gorgeous almost-cyan-blue that I'm loving using on top of the other blues to soften them slightly, and shade 12 is great for creating depth in the crease, and would even work as an eyeliner.

It comes as no surprise that I've hit pan on shade 4, but I hear they also do a mono version of a similar shade, which will not only save me the cost of an entire new palette but transporting a single shadow instead would be a godsend.

What's your favourite Poptastic shade?

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  1. I love the look of that purple! I've looked at this palette a few times in Superdrug but always decided that it was a little too bright for me! I love MUA palettes, they're great value!

    1. Oh yeah I did the same for ages, it's that purple that sold me on it! Shame I won't get much use out of the other shades though :( x

  2. This palette has awesome color I love the pink and purple colors very pretty :)wish they sold Mua products in the US.

    Thnaks for sharing :)


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