Friday, 23 November 2012

MUA Dusk Til Dawn Palette

Another day, another MUA palette, I think to myself as I rummage through my stash of a morning, preparing myself for the day ahead, with visions of eyeshadow resembling a cast member of Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert.
I dig deeper and deeper through the cavernous realms of palettes and my fingertips graze the Dusk Til Dawn palette. My hopes sink as my eyes glaze over the colours before me.
'I'll use them one day', I say.

I never do.

It's a shame that, as an eyeshadow enthusiast, a palette boasting 12 shades just doesn't excite me. Usually I'd be jumping for joy that a palette such as this could create both night and day looks, but the entire palette is just lacking in pizazz. The shades are just a little bit on the dull side. There's no wow factor here, nothing that made me want to rip this open on the bus home and immediately swatch it, even the gold in shade 7 didn't bring a twinkle to my eye, it feels like a bit too antique-y, dirty gold for my liking.

Next, I draw your attention to shades 2 and 8. In the first photo, they look near identical. In the second, the difference emerges, but I can't help thinking that there was no need to put two near-exact shades in a palette that's otherwise limited to 12 shades. Silver and grey appear in most palettes from MUA and I've still never used them for any looks. I guess grey isn't my most inspiring colour, as a pale girl, it makes me look effortlessly undead.

If this was my only MUA palette, I suppose I would be pleased to see the array of darker shades, but as MUA tend to repeat shades, I now have more shimmery black eyeshadows than I could ever need. I guess it's naive of me to expect a palette to have exciting new colours instead of the same old.

I guess when I saw the top row of 'dawn' shades, I thought to myself, 'is this really what I'd wear in the day?', to which I responded 'no', so I looked down at the 'dusk' row. And I saw shade 9. I have green eyes, so it's a complete turn-off for me, plus I know very few people who wear bluey-green eyeshadow even on a night out, it's one of those colours that are very rarely dusted off except for Bring Your Hulk To Work Day.

That being said, shade 11 is a nice deep shimmer purple that will compliment my usual purple smoky eye looks.

Top row shades 1 - 6 swatched
I'm afraid the lighting isn't the greatest here, but I found that regardless of the light, these seemed to be quite lacking in pigmentation. Perhaps it's because I'm not a nude eyeshadow kind of girl, but that's just my opinion.
I will say, shade 4 is a beautiful shimmery highlight and I would find this useful if it weren't for the fact it appears in almost every other palette from MUA too.

Bottom row shades 7 - 12
Finally, pigment! And yes, shade 9 is more blue-hued in a swatch, but it's one of those colours that I'd really struggle to find a day where I'd be in the mood to wear it.
I laughed to myself when I swatched shade 10, the denim blue, because it felt just like swiping my finger over denim! An intentional design input, MUA?

However, regardless of my criticism of the uninspiring colours, as with all MUA palettes, the shadows last and last and last, their consistency is almost dream-like and they're so easy to apply.

So if MUA had entitled this something along the lines of 'The Best Of Palette', I'd be content with the repetition of shades, but carrying around a palette that consists of the same shades I have twice over seems pointless. However, if you're starting out with MUA palettes and these shades are new to you, then by all means this is a great gift to fill the gaps in your makeup bag!

So, do you prefer dusk or dawn?

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  1. can't wait to haul these palettes up.. :( lol

  2. I really do love MUA palettes, I think for the price the shadows are great quality :) I do prefer the darker colours of this palette :)


  3. Great post hun! I dont have all of the MUA pallets so Id consider getting this but it does seem a bit of a waste if most of them are doublers of other pallets! xox

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