Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple - Review

Another blogger bandwagon that bolted way before the zombie could keep up with it - the Revlon lip butters. People really should drive these bandwagons a bit slower, zombies aren't renowned for our nimble footwork, it's the one thing we don't have going for us.
Alas, as part of my New Year beauty resolutions, I've resigned myself to wearing more red lipstick, and this is my product. I stood in line at Boots clutching this and thinking to myself, 'I don't really need it, do I? I won't actually wear it, will I? I can just turn around and put it down, can't I?' but luckily for me, the line moved too fast and before I knew it, the money had exchanged hands and I was the (initially reluctant) owner of a bright red lip butter.
Perhaps my downfall was choosing a bright colour as my first lip butter, as I'd not purchased one before, I was frightened it wouldn't live up to its reputation. Having swatched it every time I saw it in store and I was utterly convinced it would never be as pigmented on my lips, which if you've read any of my lipstick reviews before, I love to moan that I've got super pigmented lips already.

Candy Apple does not disappoint - the colour in the tube is the colour that appears on my lips.
I sometimes find myself stroking the packaging though - something about the padded-ness that reminds me of my padded cell home.

Love At First Bite - Just as I expected, the packaging is beautifully luxurious with its cushioned lid and angled tube, plus I love the colour co-ordinating lid which saves a bunch of time digging through makeup to find the right one! I was dreading the application and even wielded a tissue in anticipation of a messy few minutes, but it swept across my lips without dragging and I didn't even colour outside the lines. I pursed my lips to find out how much transferred onto my teeth, but surprisingly only small amounts clung on and even then they were hardly noticeable nor difficult to wipe off. After about 3 hours of drinking out of a straw, eating cheese straws and chewing on my lip as the end of a particularly captivating Eastenders took it's toll, I returned to a mirror to check it's progress as I could no longer feel its moisturising coating, and it had just disappeared. No awkward colour bleeding down my face, no two-toned fading, it vanished like a dream. It hadn't even left an unusual stain to my lips. This looks promising.

The Second Coming - Absolutely petrified to try this out on a busy university day, seeing people I know giving me the 'she looks like a slut' glances. I applied the lip butter over the MUA lip liner in Red Drama to maximise its staying power, yet I checked my face more times than ever before to make sure it hadn't bled, smudged or faded. I reapplied multiple times even when I didn't feel like I needed to. I found no embarrassing lipstick-on-teeth situations but perhaps my friends aren't decent enough to tell me if there was! On the bus home, I noticed it was quite badly smudged outside the edges of my lips, but that might be because I was pursing my lips a lot due to stress of the first day back at uni.

Third Tomb Lucky - This time rather than just outlining my lips with the lip liner underneath, I filled in my entire lips and it really extended the lifespan of the lip butter as well as the pigmentation. I've never been so pleased with a lip product, I'm always so disappointed because things don't appear much on my dark lips, but this did not disappoint.

So I'm hooked. I'm officially, properly, solidly HOOKED. I'm in love with the formula, the 3 hour lasting time, the pigmentation... This is easily my favourite lip product so far. From a lipstick-phobic to a lipstick addict, I've adapted and it's all thanks to this lip butter.
Sadly, my second lip butter experience wasn't as exciting and positive, but more on that soon, so keep your eyes peeled...

Apologies for the lack of swatch, I never get chance to take photos in the limited daylight in the winter!

What's your favourite lip butter?

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  1. I have this as well and I love it. Out of the 2 lip butters I own this is by far the better one x

  2. I HAVE TO HAVE THIS! I have wanted one for ages, but I must be even slower than the zombies at catching the bblogger wagon up. It looks gorgeous and if it ticks all the boxes for you AND it's a bolder red, I need it. I can't wait to pick it! Fabulous review, lovely! :)
    Mia x


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