Thursday, 7 February 2013

Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Mascara - Review

When Maybelline released the Falsies, I was immediately drawn in, and I adored it, I don't buy other mascaras because I know I'll never find anything as good as the Falsies for me. 
Then they released The Rocket. An aptly named bedroom assistant or another amazing Maybelline mascara? You decide. 
I made a beeline for the waterproof version as Maybelline's formula is perfect, it truly is waterproof, I can come out of the shower and find it still clinging on for dear life, weeping and pleading with me not to take it off. It's funny how sympathetic I can be to an inanimate object. Surely I can't be the only one that doesn't feel like my mascara is my best friend?

What I loved most about the Falsies was the curved brush that really reached all my lashes in one go without any effort. While the Rocket takes a little longer to apply because of its straight brush, it reaches my lashes right from the root to the tip.

 Gorgeous blonde lashes right there...
Apologies for the awful lighting, getting ready at 5am makes it hard to get good photos!

Love At First Bite - It definitely gives my lashes length they've only dreamed of before, even when I already have long lashes, so those of you struggling with stubby lashes will love the instant length. The one difference with the Falsies however is the volume. Maybelline claims to give 'explosive volume in rocket time', but as you can see, it's lengthened and done very little in terms of volume. As length isn't my problem and volume is, it's not my complete holy grail mascara. I did find a few of my lashes on one eye stuck together twice during the day, but apart from that the formula dried beautifully, it coats my lashes from root to tip without any clumps. The brush is alright, it's just the right length of bristles so all my lashes including the itty bitty ones were covered, it gets right down to the root which I struggled with using Falsies because the brush was just a bit too fat to reach the roots without scratching my eyeball.

The Second Coming - I love how long this keeps the curl on my lashes, my eyes feel a lot more open and awake, and the formula is light so I'm not shouldering the burden of a heavy mascara on my lashes, but I'm still missing the volume. The formula dries quite quickly too, so if you're hoping to layer it up, then you need to act reasonably fast. As for its waterproof claim, let's just say I came out of the shower having rubbed my eyes in the water and it was still clinging on for dear life with not a single smudge under my eyes. I'll always trust Maybelline's waterproof formula, it's absolutely true.

Third Tomb Lucky - Unfortunately because I'm so accustomed to the volume that the Falsies gives, I'm a bit disappointed by the Rocket. I'm struggling to get enough product on the tiny bristles to even make a difference to my lashes, which is a shame after how happy I was with it the first time. I wasn't happy with how long it took me to get even a little appearance of mascara on my lashes that I reached to apply the Falsies on top, but as I mentioned, the Rocket dries uber fast, and I ended up with clump city everywhere.

Perhaps Maybelline confused the term 'volume' with 'length'? I really wanted to love this, and I did to begin with, but as I started putting it to the test, I wasn't impressed with the lack of volume. As a lengthening mascara, however, it's perfect, my lashes were so long they almost touched my browbone.

What do you think of the Rocket?

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  1. Awh that sucks, I was hoping this would be an awesome new mascara for when my falsies runs out. :(

  2. You could always layer your mascaras?x


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