Friday, 8 February 2013

NYX Purple Smoky Look Kit - Review and Swatches

On a recent pilgrimage to T K Maxx, I had my fingers firmly crossed that I'd come across those distinctive three letters, and I convinced myself, regardless of the product or price, I'd buy anything NYX.
I've been finding myself lathering on the purple eyeshadow lately and thankfully I spotted this at the back of the shelf, and prepared to fork out the £5.99 for it.

Excuse the reflection - it was a pineapple hair day!

At that price, however, it seems as though this is lacking in product. The pans are absolutely teeny weeny, making it difficult to find a good eyeshadow brush small enough to touch one colour alone.

Practically pocket-sized, this kit is a breath of fresh air after lugging around big bulky palettes. The plastic housing feels a little clunky, however, and it feels like there's more plastic than product. At first, opening the lip tray, it came off right in my hand, and while it was easy enough to slide back on, it's a pretty bad design fault that it comes off full stop, because I can't imagine just wanting to transport the lip tray alone... can you?

The lip section of this kit reminds me of the unbranded makeup kits I'd buy back in the 90s, and after a while the sticky pan would collect all the dirt and eyeshadow dust known to man. They're still about, as the Boots Christmas catalogue reliably informs me, and poor unsuspecting grandparents are still buying them. Unfortunately I've never seen the appeal of these, so I can't see myself getting any use of these at all.

The mirror in the lid, however, is an absolute godsend. Having used MUA palettes for such a long time, I forgot what it's like to have a reflective surface at my fingertips. Although saying that, it's very small so it's only possible to see the majority of one eye, not two.

A nice selection of purples including a blue and brown, I've been loving a purple and blue look lately but I think this blue is a bit too deep for me.

Love At First Bite - My first practical problem here as I've mentioned is the size of the pans, but I found my diddiest brush and got to work. All of a sudden, EYESHADOW EVERYWHERE. The formula is so loose as you can tell on my swatches, before my brush even grazed my eyelid, I already had purple down my cheek (and somehow on my chin??), but I persevered. I was only trying it out without primer underneath as a quick attempt of colour so I didn't look dead while out walking the dog, but the eyeshadow saw to it that I looked like I'd been punched right on the cheek. The moment I started blinking, the shadow had already creased to hell. I knew from here it was going to take a lot of perseverance with these.

The Second Coming - This time I came prepared. MUA eye primer and Maybelline Color Tattoo underneath, which usually hold my eyeshadow still for the entire day, I grabbed the three bottom row shades. Wielding a face wipe, I decided to clear the immense fallout away and try to ignore it. As it hadn't impressed me on my first trial, I gave this a second chance on another dog walk. This time, the shadow had stayed put on my eyelids for a good twenty minutes, although it was obvious it had creased badly, there was still a good amount of colour left on my lid thanks to the super glue I used underneath.

Third Tomb Lucky - As I figured it had survived sufficiently a second time, I allowed the palette a test run on a busy day at university. This time, I blended and blended for what felt like hours to make sure the colour was permanently fixed on. Still an insane amount of fallout, which is aggravating when I apply my foundation before eyeshadow and had to reapply that, but I blended so much that the colours were nowhere near as pigmented as they were in the pans. This time, they were still clinging on for dear life at the end of the day. At last.

So my advice here is to blend and prime. Prime to the max, blend til your eyes hurt. Hardly impressive for a brand I expected so much better from given the massive hype the NYX jumbo pencils receive in the blogosphere, but any eyeshadow is eyeshadow to me, if I need a purple look that I'm lacking in decent blendable shades, then I'll reach for this.

Have you tried any NYX palettes? 

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