Saturday, 9 February 2013

NYX For Your Eyes Only Palette - Review and Swatches

It's impossible for me to even look at this palette and not find this song stuck on a loop in my mind for 10 minutes.

The packaging is pretty cute, although I did leave it on the arm of the sofa and its curvaceous body (perving on a palette now, nice one Ali) slipped its merry way down to the floor with a bang, thankfully nothing inside cracked.

I don't have enough NYX products to comment on their entire reputation, but I reviewed one of their palettes yesterday and the powders felt significantly chalky, they sprayed fallout everywhere when I touched my lids with the colour. I was lucky enough to be mentioned on The Sunday Girl blog for my dislike for NYX palettes. But has this palette changed my perceptions?

The answer's no.

The shades range from cream to pitch black, combining both matte and shimmer shades to compliment any smoky eye.

Love At First Bite - The first problem I noticed with this palette is that the darker colours are almost identical. Only in the strongest lights can you see the difference between them, and in this dull winter light, I struggle to identify which colour I'm picking, for example the fourth shade on the top row compared with the first shade on the second row.
The second problem is that the minute I touched my loaded brush to my lids, the shadow sprayed EVERYWHERE. Down my cheek, down my nose, more colour landed on places it shouldn't have than on my eyelids. I was using Real Techniques brushes, so that wasn't the issue, the formula of the shadow is just too loose, just as my previous NYX palette proved.
The Second Coming - As my first attempt was such a disaster, I applied MUA's eye primer first, and used a different flat brush to pack on the colour. This time, it felt like there was even more fallout. Really unimpressed.
Third Tomb Lucky - Definitely not third time lucky. I apply my foundation before my eyeshadow and I'm really fed up of having to reapply my foundation underneath my eyes purely because of these shadows giving me unintentional black eyes. The lighter shades are less noticeable, but as it's a smokey eye kit, it's meant to be mainly dark colours, and those are the culprits.

So now I've experienced two disastrous NYX eye palettes, I won't be purchasing another. I've learnt my lesson now, even with primer underneath, these are just too powdery unless you apply them with your fingers. That being said, they do blend well, but that's because the product flies everywhere but where you'd like it to blend. I'm seriously unimpressed and quite indignant I'd waited so long to get my hands on NYX products and these were a real disappointment.

What do you think of NYX eyeshadows?

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